Your Product Owner asks for Machine Learning and Other Horror Stories.

A conversation between a product owner, a developer, and a Machine Learning expert.

Here’s the deal – a product owner knows that he wants Machine Learning in the company’s next digital product. It’s all the rage, after all, and everyone is talking about it. He approaches his developer. The developer brings in the Machine Learning expert.

Here’s how that conversation goes.

Things you’ll learn from this webinar.

  • When is machine learning right for a product and when does it not make sense?
  • What does the product owner need to consider before bringing machine learning into their digital product?
  • What questions should the developer and expert ask of the product owner before getting started?
  • How does the developer go about building ML into the product?
  • From an overall perspective, what aspects of ML does everyone get wrong, and how can teams approach ML in the best way possible?

So check out the great conversation featuring

Chris Morris – iOS Developer, Atlanta / Big Nerd Ranch

Nic Ollis – Solutions Architect/ML Expert, Atlanta / Big Nerd Ranch

Thomas Moore – Content Marketing Manager, projekt202

Check out the replay above.

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