The Perfect Pairing: Content Strategy Meets UX Design

It’s a common misconception that Content Strategy just means “writing.” But the fact is, the term “content” covers everything we touch in the digital space. From copy and visual media to the information architecture and narrative flows that underpin every product, Content Strategists can positively influence every project from beginning to end.

As UX Designers, we can benefit from understanding how Content Strategy collaborates with and supports our practice. This LevelUp session aims to provide answers to pressing questions about how UX Designers can collaborate with our counterparts in Content Strategy:

  • Why is a Content Strategist valuable to my design team?
  • When should my team bring in a Content Strategist?
  • Where can a Content Strategist aid projects outside of the standard web design structure?
  • How can we apply Content Strategy principles to our practice if we don’t have a practitioner on staff?

Join our projekt202 Content Strategists, Jolene Bouchon and Tabatha Patterson in September as they answer these questions and discuss when and where to work alongside CS to enhance user experiences.

Jolene Bouchon – Sr. UX Content Strategist at projekt202

Tabatha Patterson – Content Strategist at projekt202

Watch the replay above.

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