Why is projekt202 the #1 choice for the world's most successful companies looking to improve their customer and employee experiences? CEO David Lancashire narrates this illustrated look at what sets projekt202 apart from the rest.

In the world of software delivery, it's a jungle out there. Fortunately, projekt202 has a methodology to guide companies to success. Our proven methodology for understanding people in context drives everything we do.

Strategic management of timelines and vision is imperative to successfully launching a product. In this video, we illustrate how Program Management can help you and your team successfully deliver products and services that enrich your user experience.

From Our Leadership

Interview with David Lancashire, Co-founder & CEO of projekt202

Aliza Gold, VP of Experience Strategy & Insight at projekt202, talks about the impact of understanding users when designing software.

Peter Eckert, Chief Experience Officer of projekt202, talks about what separates projekt202 from other experience-driven transformation companies.

Rob Pierry, CTO of projekt202, outlines the problems with current UX research and how projekt202 uses a scientific approach to address user needs and aspirations.

Thought Leadership Videos

Our thought leaders love to share their stories, ideas and passion. Topics ranging from development, design, customer insights, strategy and ways to improve your business - you'll find it below!

In this thought leadership video, projekt202 VP of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson discusses the importance and strengths of becoming an experience-driven organization.

projekt202 Director of Experience Strategy & Insight Joe Dyer shares his expertise on the importance and power of outstanding customer self-service.

projekt202's User Experience Researcher, Marta Zarzycka, and Experience Designer, Manimala Karusala, present "Diversity and Bias in Research Design."

projekt202 Vice President of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson discusses how projekt202 strategically helps clients focus on outstanding business results.

projekt202's Senior Strategist, Leigha Selby, presents "Designing for Friction."

projekt202’s VP of Technology Paul Tidwell explains why the product owner holds the keys to success and how companies can best support them to ensure outstanding project ROI.

In this thought leadership presentation, projekt202 Vice President of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson shares his insights on the ways innovation begins with the customer.

projekt202 Experience Director Chelsea Soprano and Sr. Experience Director Josh Christopher present Crafting a UX Challenge for Evaluating UX Candidates.

projekt202's Senior Experience Designer, Jess Moss, presents "How Designers Can Build Healthy Client Relationships."

projekt202 Experience Director Lan Nguyen covers 7 Principles for Building Relationships.

projekt202's VP of Technology, Paul Tidwell, shares his thoughts on "Genuine Agility in 3 Steps"

projekt202’s Vice President of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson discusses the rationale and benefits from a dedicated focus on better employee experiences.

Own the marketplace through Customer Experience Strategy

projekt202 Design Technologist Peter Vogt discusses DesignOps at Scale.

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