User Experience Design

At projekt202, the User Experience (UX) Design practice focuses on the visual and interaction design of complex systems and applications. We’ve tackled everything from flight operations software to startup mobile applications and everything in-between. Through our process of design, prototyping and working with technology teams, we can help you across a range of challenges and contexts. User Experience can help turn an opportunity into a vision that can be developed and launched into the marketplace to improve your customer experience.  


All User Experience
is Not Created equal

Our enterprise-scale User Experience Design practice is one of our many distinguishing capabilities that differentiates projekt202 from other firms offering UX services. We don’t rely on creative genius alone to define and design great solutions. Our designers leverage the strategic insights revealed throughout our process to consistently deliver solutions that meet customer and user needs. Our continually growing and experienced team draws ideas from any number of industries and verticals, bringing creativity and disruptive thinking to your space. Our designers also work hand-in-hand with both business and development teams. We’re a proponent of blended teams throughout the process of strategy, design and development. 

Our UX Designers Consider
the Whole Experience

The driving force behind projekt202’s long-standing methodology is consideration for the user’s holistic experience across digital and physical space. By looking more broadly, we’re able to design solutions that improve both the user experience and business metrics to increase top-line growth. It’s not enough for organizations to just make something look good; it needs to take into account user needs, multiple touchpoints, business goals and technology constraints. We have creative problem-solvers who lead with that vision and take it through development to launch.



Designing for users
Drives Business Value

Your experience is your brand. Our User Experience Design practice helps you deliver that seamless experience that’s needed for today’s connected world. We lead with the intention of improving your organization’s bottom line — to help drive revenue growth, customer lifetime value, and increased scoring across social sentiment and Net Promoter.  Leading with strategy-filled observational insights ensures we’re solving the right problems, and our UX Design team will make sure customers and users love the outcome. You’ll be able to measure our impact on your business results.

While strategy and our observational methods start the project, and the importance of solving the right problem is key, interaction design and visual design are both important ingredients to ensure customers and users love the solutions. Here are some visual examples of projects we've recently completed: