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We've worked with companies from innovative startups to the biggest brands on the Fortune 500 … and everything in-between. Helping organizations succeed through experience-driven strategy, design and development is what we do at projekt202.

Excelling at customer experience is a must-have initiative. Moving to experience-driven technologies is key to success and you must own the disruption in your space. Our team has helped with these strategies and more, as these client success stories demonstrate.

Better experiences = better results

While projects span strategies and technologies, one thing is constant: improving your business.
15% gain in on-time performance? Yes!
From nearly zero to 75% channel utilization? Yes!
Mobile traffic up 50%? Yes!
Now’s the time for your experience-driven transformation. The projekt202 team can help you improve your business today.

We work with the world's top organizations and teams, from big brands to hot startups. Along the way, we help them reach their goals for cost savings, customer experience enhancements, new revenue streams, UX improvements, re-platforming and more.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Capital One, Dell, Neiman Marcus, The Container Store, Samsung Electronics and more