1. there is a repeatable way

There's a way to reveal that information and successfully benefit from it. projekt202's Experience Strategy and Insight (ESI) practice discovers the patterns and themes that provide actionable, deeper and more valuable perspectives on your customers' wants, needs and motivations.



2. we identify experience ENHANCEMENTS

An experience strategy identifies the most important, holistic experience for both a business and a customer. That identification process involves much more than sending out a survey or conducting an interview.

We spend time with people in their context -- in the places where they live and work -- to observe, to build authentic relationships, and to uncover the real truths that shed light on understanding a customer's journey with a company.





3. observations are key

Through observation-based insights, projekt202 envisions, designs and creates the experiences that people really value and connect with emotionally. It's our key to designing products that feel easy to use, valuable and intuitive.

Our ESI experts get beyond the surface, harnessing backgrounds and techniques from psychology, anthropology, ethnography and sociology to find a deeper understanding.

It's not just design thinking. At projekt202, it's all about experience thinking.



"This process helps you develop a wide variety of products, services, and strategies based on the actionable insights from observing customers in the field."

- Aliza Gold, VP of Experience Strategy & Insight


We’ve been all over the world observing users, improving systems and helping improve customer experience. Here's a sample of a few of our international observations, in addition to the hundreds in the United States.

  • Airline Software

  • Call Center Software

  • Flower Grower Marketplace
    South America

  • Supply Chain Software

  • Airline Software
    United Kingdom

  • Call Center Software



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