You need an experience strategy. 
Now what?

To reach a goal, we need a clear measurement for success.

When we produce products and services for people, the right target is based on a thorough, observation-based understanding of what those people -- your users and customers -- value.

The goals of the business are a critical driver as we determine how to best serve your set of customers. By understanding and meeting their wants, needs and aspirations, we transform your customers into loyal brand advocates and, in the process, strategically transform your business to help you stand out from your competition.

We're ready to help you transform your business to deliver greater ROI and products and services that your customers love.

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Here's why you need User Research

By directly observing people, we get to the heart of their needs, motivations and aspirations. 

projekt202's dedicated Experience Researchers and Strategists observe your users in their “habitats”
-- in the office, at home, or at play. In this way, we uncover what drives them, what inspires them, 
and what genuinely connects with them on an emotional level.


Increased conversion by 200%


Reduced operations time by 15%


Increased channel utilization 75%


1. Stakeholder Interviews

At projekt202, we start by interviewing stakeholders and subject matter experts, both to gain a first-hand awareness of the company context, and to build connections within the business which contribute to stakeholder alignment throughout the engagement.


2. Contextual Inquiries

Through observation and interaction in the users’ real-life context, researchers discover how this affects product use, including motivations, constraints, and workarounds. 

This research builds a deeper understanding of the relationship between users’ work and their environments, resulting in designs that increase user satisfaction with products.

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3. Affinity Diagramming & Personas

By using information collected during the observations, we start to identify common themes. Grouping and analyzing this data enables us to create personas.

Personas represent groups of people with similar behaviors, attitudes and motivations. Personas keep us focused on real people who exhibit unique sets of characteristics.


4. Customer Journey Maps

The understanding of key activities and experiences is built into an informative diagram called a Customer Journey Map. 

This diagram informs key decisions for business, marketing, and design executives, and can shift stakeholders’ thinking about where to engage across the lifecycle of a customer’s journey.


Start early and establish a launch plan

By using various other techniques like Opportunity Matrices, Product Roadmaps, and Decision-Making Frameworks,
projekt202 enables companies to build relationships with their customers that extend beyond transactions to build value. 

We ensure that your organization's great experiences break through the competitive clutter
and find an audience in a world full of offerings.

Industry Recognition

Delivering outstanding customer experiences involves more than listening; it’s about also observing, understanding
and driving product requirements from these strategic user insights.

With validation from respected industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC, and Forrester Research,
and from groups like Google Ventures, which runs and backs a number of successful businesses,
projekt202's unique, proven methodology has become the norm for the world’s most successful companies.

 We work with some of the world’s biggest and most well-known brands, including: 

7-ELeven, Capital One, The Container Store, Samsung Electronics,
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Neiman Marcus, and many more.

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"The effective methodology developed and employed by projekt202 in its countless successful projects is thoughtful & innovative in the ways it modifies and augments the most popular agile methodologies.”
IDC Vendor Spotlight: “Building Experience-Driven Software: Insights for Modern Application Development,” Analyst: Al Hilwa
“The perspective and processes projekt202 is focusing on and perfecting will, over time, become standard operating procedure for any application development project.”
Gartner, “Cool Vendors in Application Development” (G00232379); Analyst: Brian Prentice

projekt202 is the #1 choice for experience research

Whether you're looking to improve a product, deliver a new workplace solution, or disrupt your industry,
the projekt202 team is the top choice to help your team meet today's digital transformation and customer experience challenges.