We’re building the right thing.

projekt202’s solution is a holistic approach to making software — we've built our teams to effectively deliver working, relevant software.  We use strategy and insights with validation to know what to build, and our multidisciplinary, tightly integrated teams to collaboratively build the solution, without losing sight of overall business objectives.

We invite our developers to sit in on user testing to hear feedback direct from the source. If they can’t make it to the actual test, they have ready access to all user videos for observations and context that can further fuel their work.

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Ideation & Development Path

The end result is that projekt202 delivers high-quality software that protects the investment made in user experience, and we do it faster and more cost-effectively.

  • Starting with insights and strategy

  • Adjust faster vs. validation tests

  • Team fully understands business goals

Development is different at projekt202

The difference lies within the process.

Including developers early in a project is vital to its success.
By doing this, developers get a better understanding of the project and a holistic view of users' goals and aspirations.

The projekt202 team expedites progress by using tools that break down communication barriers between the design-to-development hand-off.


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It's not enough to have incredibly talented people. The relationships and processes among researchers, designers and developers must be sound to effectively deliver on time, on budget, and right to the pixel.

projekt202’s multidisciplinary teams include designers as well as developers, all focused on building software together.

Frequent user validation sessions help refine the approach at the feature level, while the baseline knowledge from prior phases sets the overall direction.


Delivering software is more than writing code

projekt202 is 40% faster than traditional development teams. Why? Because we've found the winning combination, one that breaks from tradition to deliver the success you need.

From enterprise services to consumer mobile apps

We make all kinds of software. projekt202 has delivered a broad spectrum of solutions over the past 15+ years. We are technology agnostic and will help you find the best solution for the job at-hand. We've done work for big enterprises and workplace solutions, so we know the challenges. Our team is right at home with continuous delivery and building things for customers with high expectations. projekt202 is on the cutting edge and able to incorporate new technologies and techniques where needed.


  • Java

  • .Net

  • JavaScript

  • Python

  • C++


  • React/Redux

  • Angular

  • Ember.js


  • JavaScript


  • Obj-c/Swift (iOS)

  • Android (Java)

  • Xamarin

  • NativeScript

  • PhoneGap/Cordova

Dev Ops

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

  • Maven

  • Jenkins

  • TeamCity


  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Pivotal

  • Cloud Foundry