Revealing Reality

seeking truth & developing an experience strategy


To reach a goal, we must have a clear target. When we produce products for people, the right target is based on an understanding of what those people value. Of course, customer value isn’t the only consideration. The goals of the business are a critical driver as we determine how to best serve a set of customers.

The Revealing Reality phase culminates with a vision for the experience that a product or business unit will deliver to provide value to customers, and produces ideas for products or services that will resonate. It is related to business and product strategy, and is both informed by and an input to them. Findings from this phase have changed product approaches and go-to-market strategies for a variety of Fortune 500 clients.

To define how best to innovate, we start by investigating today’s truths — the data points, domain knowledge, market trends, competition and other insights from the business and secondary sources to serve as foundational lenses which guide our evaluation of the opportunities that emerge later. 

A foundational analysis serves to identify what works today, what the business needs, and how value is created across the customer lifecycle. To deeply understand what customers value, we go beyond market research. While market research provides important data on trends and behaviors, it lacks the deeper understanding of what motivates users and customers.

By directly observing people, we can get to the heart of their needs, wants and motivations. We observe users in their “habitats” -- in the office, at home, or at play -- and we uncover what drives them, what inspires them, and what connects with them on an emotional level.

By doing this, we create knowledge for our clients of where to invest resources based on this deep understanding of what people value.

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