projekt202 Helps Client Rev Up New Personal Ride Service

Team drives successful multi-city transportation
app rollout



  • Delivery of software product valued at $50 million
  • Successful rollout in major U.S. metro markets
  • Outstanding scalability to handle hundreds of ride requests and thousands of API requests daily


For a ridesharing startup, the road to success started with the research, design and development experts at projekt202.

The Challenge

The client recognized an unmet need in the general delivery market for a flexible, on-demand driver service to transport people and pick up requested items. A wide array of possible features – such as rides, deliveries, alcohol and tobacco service, a generalized marketplace and flexible on-demand reporting – could potentially and quickly exceed the client’s budget. Thus, a key challenge was to identify and deliver vital MVP features with high code quality in a timely, cost-effective manner.

The Solution

The projekt202 team began by conducting user research to develop appropriate personas and document the journey map. Customer needs were validated through prototyping and user interaction with the prototypes. This helped to identify the features that would resonate best with customers. It also drove creating a solution on a cloud architecture that leveraged PaaS providers, lowering the time-to-market.

Working together, designers and developers implemented the vision that came from the research and validation phase. Designers regularly checked in with developers to ensure feasibility. Likewise, developers went back to their design colleagues to ensure viability of implementation.


Tech Stack

For this project, the team employed the following resources:

-   Android

·      Java
·      RetroFit (REST interaction)

-   Back-End

·      Node.js
·      Restify
·      Sequelize (ORM)
·      MySQL
·      AWS
·      Stripe
·      Pusher
·      Redis
·      Memcache
·      GrayLog

-   All Platforms

·      NewRelic
·      Integration with various Google APIs

-   Both Mobile Platforms

·      Pusher
·      Stripe
·      Google Maps
·      Google Directions

-   iOS

·      Objective-C
·      CocoaPods
·      RestKit (REST interaction)
·      AFNetworking


The Results

projekt202’s teamwork and proven methodology delivered a software product valued at $50 million, with real-time geolocation, complex geofencing, driver estimates and other crucial features.

The service was successfully introduced in Dallas, then rolled out in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Las Vegas. It was 99.9% crash-free on iOS and 99.2% crash-free on Android.

In addition, by using NewRelic analytics, the team was able to address any areas of the application that weren’t performing well and quickly resolve any issues.

A third-party integration platform was also established, with alcohol-delivery company Lash as the pilot partner. The nature of the platform will ensure future integrations with additional partners.

In one market alone, the app successfully handled hundreds of ride requests and thousands of API requests daily, demonstrating its outstanding scalability.

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