projekt202 Delivers Improved Experience for Global CEO Network

Team harnesses full tech stack, UX/UI research
and proven methodologies to best engage client’s 24,000+ customers



  • Visual redesign for increased responsiveness
  • Successful transition from waterfall process to agile Scrum methodology

A global platform for chief executives found that its tech presence wasn’t living up to its mission for innovative, influential service.

The Challenge

The organization needed a web application with a better acceptance rate among its more than 24,000 members in 130 countries. Its site needed to be more visually appealing, current, and able to support multiple devices and display sizes. The client also wanted to migrate from its CRM system to Salesforce.


The Solution

Work began by employing the full scope of projekt202’s UX/UI research and delivery methodologies to provide a fulfilling experience for the nonprofit and its customer base.

The projekt202 team implemented a program management and delivery mechanism to efficiently coordinate deliverables from multiple vendors.

The customer-facing web app was visually redesigned to be more responsive and supportive of multiple form factors. projekt202’s experts assisted in the release of the client’s new enterprise system, and successfully helped the organization move from a lacking waterfall-type methodology to an agile Scrum process, with the team on a two-week production deployment cadence.

Apple Macbook Pro 15_.png

Tech Stack

The projekt202 team used these resources for this project:

-   Enterprise

·      Sitecore
·      ASP.NET MVC
·      ASP.NET Web API 2 (REST)
·      ASP.NET WCF (Soap)
·      C#
·      Razor
·      .NET Framework
·      SQL Server
·      Entity Framework
·      LINQ
·      NLog
·      Apache SOLR (Search + indexing) 

-   Front-End (client involved)

·      Knockout
·      JavaScript
·      AJAX
·      HTML5
·      CSS3
·      Sass
·      RESTful API consumption
·      Google Analytics API consumption
·      Middleman (static site generator)
·      ERB (embedded ruby templates)
·      Jenkins (builds / deployments /
       integrations with Sitecore)
·      Subversion 

-   Additional

·      PROTECH (Dynamic CRM)
·      Telligent (group + membership
·      CVent (event management)
·      Scribe (back office)
·      Salesforce


-   ESB

·      MassTransit + RabbitMQ