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Our Program Management team cuts through the noise to improve your velocity.
We thoroughly coach product managers and development teams to get the right MVP with a compelling user experience built and in front of an audience.

Business success is measured by your ability to conceive a great idea and bring it
to market. The projekt202 team would love to help you deliver that success.

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Collaborative Teams

Are you moving fast enough? We're 40% faster

Delivering software is more than only writing code — we’ve found that blended teams understand
how design and development work together, and are key to any successful project. 

The right teams – with modern practices around design systems, prototypes, business context, automated testing, and modern architectures – make projekt202, on average, 40% faster than traditional teams.

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Years of Experience and results Using

the Agile Methodology

At projekt202, all of our Program Managers have years of experience using Waterfall, Agile, and other SDLC methodologies to build and deliver products. All projekt202 Program Managers are Certified Scrum Masters.


Scrum Roles Demystified

When an organization decides to embrace Scrum, one of the first things to understand is how Scrum roles differ from traditional project execution roles. While there are only three main roles in Scrum, they don't automatically align with titles familiar to most of us. 

Let's start with a brief definition of each:

Product Owner – Holds the vision for the product

Scrum Master – Helps the team best use Scrum to build the product

Team Member – Builds the product

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Agile Assessments

Need help strengthening your current Agile organization, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve just begun to consider Agile and are starting from scratch. Our team can evaluate your delivery process and team composition to identify bottlenecks and opportunities to speed up your processes. Whether you’re spinning up new teams or working to improve performance of your current delivery flow, our Program Managers can identify the best place to start and which practices will provide the greatest benefits. Let our Program Managers assess your organization and start rapidly incorporating Agile practices as early as your next sprint.


Release Roadmaps

Using velocity metrics and managing scope with the Product Owner allows us to create a predictable, achievable release schedule for the experiences we create.

Engagement Roadmaps

Building an Engagement Roadmap allows us to align stakeholders to the objectives up-front.

Risk Management

We’re always on the lookout for impediments to achieving the goals of the project and removing them to keep momentum going.

Measuring Velocity

By tracking and measuring sprint velocity, we can identify trends and opportunities for improvement. 

Communication Is Key

We are transparent with our clients about engagement progress and our methodology. Our goal is inclusion in the project for all.

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We understand how to manage the complexities of large programs — and when to let you focus on running the business.


Building & Evolving Using Agile

We believe a mature delivery process enables measurable
team velocity and predictable go-to-market timing.



For more than 15 years, projekt202 has strategically designed and developed better experiences
through technology to help some of the world’s largest organizations, including:

7-eleven, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Capital One, Samsung Electronics, The Container Store, Neiman Marcus, and many more.

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