Research Directly Benefits the End User

By directly observing people, we can get to the heart of their needs, motivations and aspirations. We observe users in their “habitats” -- in the office, at home or at play -- and we uncover what drives them, what inspires them and what connects with them on an emotional level. By doing this, we create knowledge for our clients of where to invest resources based on this deep understanding of what people value.




There's a way to reveal that information and successfully benefit from it. projekt202's Experience Strategy and Insight (ESI) practice discovers the patterns and themes that provide actionable, deeper and more valuable perspectives on your customers' wants, needs and motivations.

The most meaningful insights for experience strategy are developed with a deep, behavior-based understanding of users or customers. Our experience strategists observe people in context - where they work, play or live - to understand their goals, needs and aspirations as they go about their daily lives. If a product does not yet exist, this firsthand look helps to identify unmet needs that a product may solve.