Successful Launch in the Flight Operations Space

projekt202 partnered on a relaunch of a critical flight operations system and during beta saw up to 15% improvement in on-time performance — which saved numerous hours over legacy systems. For an airline, hours equals millions of dollars in savings across a number of groups.

The problems were complex. A growing US airline with over 40,000 employees and 3,000 daily flights. A fleet of 700 aircraft carrying 100 million domestic and international passengers a year. Add a merger, an expanded network, and raised load factors. And, add two separate technology platforms. It all added up to one large and very complicated system.

The design and development of a new Web-based optimization tools gave airline staff a powerful, central resource for tracking aircraft ground movements; managing gate assignments, restrictions and closures; reacting to and recovering from unexpected operational events; and more. 

With projekt202’s approach of iterative validation and continual interaction with the airline employees they got the dual benefit of making key improvements early and often, while keying in the employees to the upcoming improvements.

  • … millions of dollars in savings

  • …applications delivering 10 –15% improvement in on-time performance

  • …upgrade across 6 applications