Digital Transformation of 
Home Mortgage Process

A large US financial services firm resurrected an underutilized and underperforming digital channel registering almost zero utilization before projekt202 was engaged. This year they’ll achieve 75% channel utilization because projekt202 revealed critical insights about the customer’s buying journey which in turn surfaced 10 key customer opportunities and guided all new product and enhancement designs and development efforts.

Before the insight-driven designs were implemented, much of the customer traffic had been going to their call centers. Designing for thecustomer journey and dramatically increasing online self-service, represents significant cost-savings, revenue growth, brand consistency and cross-sell and up-sell options. This transformation was done for a top ten financial services company with a chronically underperforming business unit which had been unable to show any meaningful business results in five years.

  • …hit 75% channel utilization

  • This transformation was done for a top 10 financial services company

  • … reduced calls to call center