Developing Omnichannel Experiences

projekt202 was engaged to help a Fortune 50 home improvement retailer develop a new omnichannel platform, enabling do-it-yourself customers to imagine, design, and remodel bathrooms and kitchens. projekt202 led the integration efforts with enterprise services and a number of outside partners, from startups to established players.

Over the course of seven months, we developed a suite of three web applications; one iOS app; a large-format, in-store kiosk; and a database and service tier deployed to the cloud using automation, containers and DevOps strategies.

  • 6 apps, 7 months to production

  • Cloud native and scalable

  • Measured conversions at the register

“The employees love the system and the analytics are showing better than expected financials.”


Developing the Industrial Internet for Fortune 50 Stalwart

The business responsible for developing the cloud native IoT solution for the Industrial Internet of Things found itself lacking development capacity and in need of a new breed of developer. The need for secure scalability and modular solutions was a new convergence.

projekt202 provided expertise in the development and continuous delivery of the core system for collection, storage and analysis of petabytes of edge data, harnessed from sensors on everything from locomotives to hydroelectric power plants. For this client, the projekt202 team delivered application performance, test automation and quality befitting a project of national security interest.

  • Business generating over $100 billion in revenue onboard

  • Zero unplanned downtime SLA for key infrastructure

  • Over 10TB of sensor data per minute

Major Retailer Loyalty Program Launch

projekt202 helped an international retailer get to 1.5 million loyalty customers in only six months. With half of the company's sales now coming from these loyalty members, this was a game changer.

With over 70 locations in the United States and shipping to customers in more than 96 countries, the retailer engaged projekt202 to pilot and launch this new loyalty program across its stores. The project's goals were to better serve customers and to gather a deeper understanding of their shopping behaviors. 

The first launch was a pilot program for customers to enroll in the loyalty program or retrieve member information at the register. projekt202 rolled out this solution across a subset of locations, using an Apple iPad with a custom developed point-of-sale solution. 

After a successful pilot run, this solution was further developed and launched across all stores at the point-of-sale. projekt202 extended the program online with a companion website with extended functionality.

  • 1.5 million loyalty customers

  • Half of all sales generated from these loyalty members

  • Time to target: only six months

Radically Improving Sales

projekt202 helped this national event ticket retailer double revenues by increasing conversion rate by 54% with a relaunch of an improved purchase path.

With over $5 billion in sales, and over 100k events, every step of the digital experience matters for this national event ticket retailer.   

projekt202 worked to improve the retailer’s digital channel — their web, mobile, and tablet interfaces resolving key barriers within the buyer’sjourney.

  • … results doubling revenues.

  • … over 100k events

  • … conversion rate was increased by 54%

Rethinking the Experience

projekt202 helped create a top-selling remote control for a technology accessories company by turning around a poorly-performing product. 

Early metrics showed customers were returning products at a rate of 30% because of a set up time of over three hours. We reduced the set-up time by 90%, and reduced store returns to 1%. The remote control has since won numerous industry awards.

  • … reduced the set-up time by 90%

  • …. reduced store returns to 1%

Mobile Transformation Success

A publicly traded national retailer with an already highly engaged, “raving fan” client base saw mobile traffic increase 50% along with an increase in conversions because of the people-centered design and development work done by projekt202.

By way of industry recognition, the new responsive application received the highest score for performance, in an evaluation of across all major retailer mobile apps as reported by Forbes.

  • … best mobile site performance (88 out of 100)

  • …improved all key mobile shopping metrics

  • …mobile traffic increased 50%

“The best mobile site performance […] with a high score of 88 out of 100 with the average index at just 50 out of 100.”

Digital Transformation of 
Home Mortgage Process

A large US financial services firm resurrected an underutilized and underperforming digital channel registering almost zero utilization before projekt202 was engaged. This year they’ll achieve 75% channel utilization because projekt202 revealed critical insights about the customer’s buying journey which in turn surfaced 10 key customer opportunities and guided all new product and enhancement designs and development efforts.

Before the insight-driven designs were implemented, much of the customer traffic had been going to their call centers. Designing for thecustomer journey and dramatically increasing online self-service, represents significant cost-savings, revenue growth, brand consistency and cross-sell and up-sell options. This transformation was done for a top ten financial services company with a chronically underperforming business unit which had been unable to show any meaningful business results in five years.

  • …hit 75% channel utilization

  • This transformation was done for a top 10 financial services company

  • … reduced calls to call center

Successful Launch in the Flight Operations Space

projekt202 partnered on a relaunch of a critical flight operations system and during beta saw up to 15% improvement in on-time performance — which saved numerous hours over legacy systems. For an airline, hours equals millions of dollars in savings across a number of groups.

The problems were complex. A growing US airline with over 40,000 employees and 3,000 daily flights. A fleet of 700 aircraft carrying 100 million domestic and international passengers a year. Add a merger, an expanded network, and raised load factors. And, add two separate technology platforms. It all added up to one large and very complicated system.

The design and development of a new Web-based optimization tools gave airline staff a powerful, central resource for tracking aircraft ground movements; managing gate assignments, restrictions and closures; reacting to and recovering from unexpected operational events; and more. 

With projekt202’s approach of iterative validation and continual interaction with the airline employees they got the dual benefit of making key improvements early and often, while keying in the employees to the upcoming improvements.

  • … millions of dollars in savings

  • …applications delivering 10 –15% improvement in on-time performance

  • …upgrade across 6 applications