About Our Methodology

we build software that delivers valuable experiences, connecting with people on aspirational and emotional levels


The science of understanding people has developed for centuries, but not enough has been done to integrate these approaches into the process of software development. For more than 15 years, we have refined a repeatable, programmatic methodology that centers on answering questions about customers through direct observational fieldwork to identify people’s needs, behaviors and aspirations. This provides a perspective on customers that clients typically have never seen.

The aim of this work is not more data; most companies are swimming in information. Instead, we create a strategy for the experience that the software will provide. It's a framework that allows researchers, developers, designers, marketers and architects to make decisions that support the intended customer experience. projekt202’s integrated offering takes insights from the field and manifests them in developed software that engages customers and improves business results.

Revealing Reality

Focused Innovation

Building & Evolving


This customer journey map is awesome. When we hired projekt202, we thought, ‘They’re the company that is going to help us redesign our digital properties.’ Now they are helping us redefine our customer experience.
— projekt202 customer