Marketing & Analytics

Marketing is uniquely positioned to innovate and manage the customer experience. With massive amounts of customer data and insights, marketers influence business trajectory by understanding and empathizing with customers and users.

projekt202 helps organizations become “customer-obsessed” by focusing on the experiences, journeys and relationships that consumers have with products and brands.

Marketers are faced with unparalleled change and complexity. Our Marketing Strategists recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We leverage the full digital capabilities inside your organization and projekt202 to create opportunities that customers love.



We develop content strategies and methodologies aligned to consumer behaviors and business goals.

Content is the core of any experience and the experience is the brand.

Our Content Science & Design team will build a custom content engine that maximizes your budget and resources while reducing costs and complexity.

Includes Editorial Planning, Organizational Design, Content Measurement Models, Distribution Strategies, Content Platform Design & Development, Content Automation, Personalization & Technology, Content Management Systems, Asset Management, SEO Analysis and Strategy

Experience Data & Analytics

Developing measurement models and generating insights from experiences requires deep insights into all available data across the organization.

From sales and marketing to customer service, the data journey illuminates the critical touchpoints across the customer experience, creating opportunities to innovate in an agile way without disrupting the business.


Includes Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking, Data Journey Maps, Key Performance Indicator Definition, Customer Behavior Analysis



Social media permeates every aspect of business.

From empowering employees to evangelize the brand to enabling the salesforce to engage and sell effectively in the social space, social media has moved out of the silo and into everyday processes.

projekt202’s Social and Influence experts understand the technology, processes, training and governance needed to develop organization-wide strategies that fully support Social Listening, Social Care, Social Selling, and Social Marketing without bifurcating the customer experience.

Includes Social Technology & Systems, Social Organizational Design/Center of Excellence, Social Listening & Insights, Platform Strategies and Integration, Influencer Identification & Engagement, Employee Training & Engagement, Social Governance

Marketing Technology Design
& Strategy

Technology is dramatically changing the way marketers work.

With thousands of software solutions to assist with automation, personalization and optimization, knowing exactly where to start and how to get the most out of your investments can be challenging for you. Fortunately, projekt202 can help you make sense of it all.

Whether you choose a Best-in-Class or All-in-One stack, our dedicated team will help you make the right investments and capture genuine value.


Includes Marketing Technology Stack Assessment, Customer Experience Technology Journey, Gap Analysis, Vendor Identification & Selection, Systems Integration



Disruption does not equal innovation.

While startups are creating new business models and changing industries, disruption is not a guarantee for success.

The experiences of Uber, AirBnb and others are certainly more convenient and faster than legacy business models, and the experience has become their brand. By being closer to the consumer and connecting a distributed experience to a larger entity, these disruptive brands have built a shared connection and experience that supersedes the sum of its parts.

We’ll help you build a culture of innovation and integrate that core message into your customer experience with confidence and trust.


Includes Innovation Lab Design & Development, Custom Innovation Workshops, Messaging Hierarchy, Brand Evolution Roadmap, Product/Service Launch Strategy, Market Entry & Expansion