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Delivering Experiences That Matter

Why is projekt202 the #1 choice for the world’s most successful companies looking to improve their customer and employee experiences? We have a unique and established methodology for understanding people in context — we reveal unmet needs — which drives everything we do. This leads to a crisp, clear understanding of the customer, which shapes the design and development of new solutions and experiences.

With over 15 years perfecting our approach, we have the experience, teams, skills and scale to deliver sophisticated software solutions that improve any and all touchpoints across the user journey. Whether you’re looking to improve a product, deliver a new workplace solution or disrupt your industry, look no further than projekt202 for meeting today's digital transformation challenges.

David Lancashire, Chairman & CEO of projekt202 provides insight into why projekt202 incorporates techniques from anthropology and psychology into full life cycle software application development. Citing his own experience in the software industry, David describes why projekt202 is the world leader in experience-driven application development.

Peter Eckert, Chief Experience Officer of projekt202 talks about what separates projekt202 from other experience design and development companies. Presenting a case study as evidence of the power of contextual user observations, Peter explains why integrating design research and experience strategy into software development is a superior way to build applications.