From new customers to new markets, there’s a world of opportunity for those bold enough to take advantage.

Your market has changed—but you haven’t.

You can see changes occurring in your market. So, why haven’t your offerings changed with it? Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s slow, incremental, and easy to miss. If you’ve realized your products are behind the curve, the time to address the problem is now.

Your old products aren’t working for your new clients.

Your clients are constantly asking for new products and services. But you don’t know how to develop or support them. You know that your old products don’t meet current standards—but you don’t know what to do. We’re here to help you deeper into solutions your clients want and need.

You have a new market in mind—but don’t know where to start.

You want to expand into a new market. But expanding into a new market isn’t just a challenge—it’s a risk. Before you start developing new products and services, you need to commit to in-depth analysis and research. Get the direction you need and the confidence to explore new markets.

You can see the competition racing ahead.

Your competition is introducing new products and services. But you can’t just mimic their first-to-market products—you must differentiate yourself. With the right opportunity analysis, you can identify the perfect niches and gaps. Don’t just catch up with the competition. Lap them.

The Future is Electric Damon Motorcycles

Damon is positioned to completely transform the motorcycle industry. We partnered with them to create an exciting and engaging virtual showroom for their newest creation, the Hypersport.

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Discover new opportunities for growth.

Strategy & Innovation

Uncovering the actual motivations and actions of your customers and employees often seems out of reach. Through purpose-driven user research and intentional action, your company can identify its most pressing challenges and how to best move from idea to reality.

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Design & Development

The successful integration of design and development is crucial for your organization’s success. A partner that’s in lockstep with your goals can flow seamlessly from visual and interaction design to full-scale implementation, testing, and deployment.

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Training & Enablement

With the ever-widening digital talent gap, investing in your employees is more important than ever. Providing your employees the opportunity to reskill or upskill gives them a clear path for growth—and enables you to confidently plan for your company’s future.

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Brand, Engagement, & Growth

Your brand and the experiences you provide are the most important external touchpoints you have with your customers. You need a partner to craft your story and help define your brand’s meaning to the world.

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What our partners have to say

“projekt202 is a trusted partner for Google. Their deep knowledge and expertise in technical training have proven invaluable over the years; they are innovative, reliable, and provide first-rate training to Googlers. I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Kevin O'MalleyDirector, Engineering Education at Google

“projekt202’s technical knowledge of the Android system and the tooling was excellent. That wasn’t just about developing but actually supporting and getting builds out the door, with analytics and customer experience all done. That was one of the biggest appeals.”

Grant DowmanTechnical Owner, Westpac

“projekt202 across the board has got a phenomenal team of thinkers. Their can-do attitude is very impressive.”

David BellGeneral Manager, ASB Business Ventures

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