Customer retention is 25X more cost-effective than customer acquisition

You’re losing customers—but don’t know why.

Your reports show that you’re losing customers—but your data is incomplete or doesn’t provide the right context. How do you move forward? You find a partner that understands Customer Experience and that can guide you to the right solution for your organization.

Your customers aren’t happy with your product or service.

Satisfied, repeat customers are the backbone of your company. Customers are your best advocates, and serve as brand ambassadors to friends, family, and colleagues. Knowing your customers and what they respond to is vital to keeping them loyal.

You struggle to maintain customer relationships in a digital-first world.

Many face-to-face industries have shifted to digital-first. It’s not a trend; it’s the new reality. If you’ve built your customer service on in-person connections, it may be difficult to make the leap. For organizations struggling to keep customers engaged on a digital platform, it may be time to reassess and rebuild.

You don’t know who your customers are.

As your organization grows organically, it’s easy to lose touch with your audience. When was the last time you updated your buyer personas? How have your core demographics changed? Develop a better understanding of your customers through buyer’s journeys and service blueprints.

Digital-First Banking Apiture

See how we helped Apiture meet the needs of their clients through a mobile-focused, digital-first banking experience.

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Close the experience gap between you and your customers.

Strategy & Innovation

Uncovering the actual motivations and actions of your customers and employees often seems out of reach. Through purpose-driven user research and intentional action, your company can identify its most pressing challenges and how to best move from idea to reality.

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Design & Development

The successful integration of design and development is crucial for your organization’s success. A partner that’s in lockstep with your goals can flow seamlessly from visual and interaction design to full-scale implementation, testing, and deployment.

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Training & Enablement

With the ever-widening digital talent gap, investing in your employees is more important than ever. Providing your employees the opportunity to reskill or upskill gives them a clear path for growth—and enables you to confidently plan for your company’s future.

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Brand, Engagement, & Growth

Your brand and the experiences you provide are the most important external touchpoints you have with your customers. You need a partner to craft your story and help define your brand’s meaning to the world.

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What our partners have to say

“The quality of work, the discipline of the teams, the design, and the automation showed the dedication to the project and the amazing team at the helm.”

Brad WisdomSenior Vice President, Apiture

“We had an extremely limited window to get from idea to MVP—and projekt202 delivered on that and more. Thanks to the team’s organization and dedication, we’ve gotten further than we ever expected.”

Randy MurphyCEO, FourBurner Technologies

“projekt202 does great work. Period. They’re very thoughtful, work in a collaborative way, and we have a strong partnership. It feels like they’re part of our team.”

JD SwartzVP & GM Creative & Digital, Salesforce

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