Why should you think about your employee experience?

You’re losing talented employees.

Salary, benefits, perks—nothing you do seems to matter. Your best employees keep leaving. At some point, you stopped having a conversation. If you’re losing talented employees, there’s a disconnect between what you can provide and what your employees want. The employee experience is about more than just a salary; it’s about connection.

Your culture is nonexistent or falling apart.

A company’s most valuable customers are its employees. When your employees believe in your mission, they do more to help you succeed. But when they leave or become disillusioned, your mission gets muddled. Discover ways to maintain your company culture even during periods of high churn.

You spend more time onboarding than iterating.

It can cost up to three times as much to onboard a new employee than retain an old one. If you’re spending time training employees only to have them leave the following year, you’re wasting time and money. Find out how to grow in the same direction as your employees—or how to find the employees who want to grow with you.

You don’t know what your employees need.

At some point, you’ve lost touch with your employees. You can see they aren’t getting the job done, but you don’t know what they need to succeed. When companies change swiftly—or the environment changes around them—you need to reassess. Find out how to balance your employees’ needs with your organization’s.

An Intranet for All Santander Bank

We partnered with Santander to create an engaging digital platform that seamlessly connects all banking departments, improving company morale, communication, and culture.

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If your employees' needs have changed, your business must as well.

Strategy & Innovation

Uncovering the actual motivations and actions of your customers and employees often seems out of reach. Through purpose-driven user research and intentional action, your company can identify its most pressing challenges and how to best move from idea to reality.

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Design & Development

The successful integration of design and development is crucial for your organization’s success. A partner that’s in lockstep with your goals can flow seamlessly from visual and interaction design to full-scale implementation, testing, and deployment.

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Training & Enablement

With the ever-widening digital talent gap, investing in your employees is more important than ever. Providing your employees the opportunity to reskill or upskill gives them a clear path for growth—and enables you to confidently plan for your company’s future.

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Brand, Engagement, & Growth

Your brand and the experiences you provide are the most important external touchpoints you have with your customers. You need a partner to craft your story and help define your brand’s meaning to the world.

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