Strengthening IT's Position Through a Business Technology Strategy Based on Customer Obsession

Featured Speakers

This webinar features guest speakers from Forrester Research and projekt202.


Bobby Cameron

Forrester VP and
Principal Analyst

Aliza Gold

VP of Experience Strategy & Insight at projekt202


Rob Pierry

Chief Technology Officer at projekt202

JEREMY Johnson

VP of CX at projekt202


More than 60% of businesses don't understand
basic truths about their customers. 


Your organization may well be part of that statistic. 

IT organizations must be prepared to lead with a strategy based on a continuous pulse on their customer's real needs. Enabling this capability involves a new approach to planning, as well as new team members, tools, techniques, and a cultural shift to unite them.



Watch this webinar, featuring guest speaker Bobby Cameron, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, for key insights about transforming your organization into a customer-obsessed, fast-moving powerhouse.