Focused Innovation

innovation, validation and product definition



The Focused Innovation phase is the point at which we move from strategy to execution, seeing ideas for solutions developed in Revealing Reality come to life in tangible prototypes.

Now, we create the foundation for the final designs with a set of activities that ensures we stay close to the insights and strategy developed in the previous phase. 

We focus by envisioning solutions in the context of customers’ lives, we establish optimal flows for how users move through an application that match their ways of working, and we explore visual concepts for how the application will look.

We then validate the conceptual designs with real users and objectively evaluate users’ responses.

Together, PSCU and projekt202 have worked to design and create new and engaging digital services that allow our credit unions to gain efficiencies in servicing their members and ultimately revolutionize the way in which PSCU services its Member-Owners.
— projekt202 client PSCU