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Josh Christopher Talks Symmetry at CreativeMornings Meetup

  • The Drawing Board 1900 Jay Ell Drive Richardson, TX, 75081 United States (map)

To illustrate the value of symmetry and order, please enjoy this asymmetrically designed post

Josh Christopher

Josh Christopher

projekt202 Senior Experience Director Josh Christopher will present Friday, Feb. 22, at the CreativeMornings Dallas meetup. CreativeMornings’ global theme is symmetry:

What do a planet, an attractive face, and a snowflake have in common? Symmetry.

Symmetry is prevalent throughout life. You can fold a sunflower in half, stories have an arc, and the human body can bend and create mesmerizing shapes. If there’s symmetry in nature, then there must be a kind of symmetry in the way we lead our lives.

Symmetry cannot be possible without asymmetry, the same way sadness magnifies joy.

Alan Lightman wrote in The Accidental Universe, “I would claim that symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in.” But chaos will happen whether we like it or not; it’s how we respond to it that either creates order or more chaos.

When in chaos, create your symmetry.

Free* registration for Josh’s presentation begins at 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 18. Be sure to register; tickets are limited.

* Ironically, there won’t be a balance for your Symmetry tickets.