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Paul Tidwell Presents "A Decision-Making Framework for Native vs. Hybrid Apps" at ConveyUX 2018

  • Motif Hotel 1415 5th Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 (map)

Don't miss projekt202 VP of Technology Paul Tidwell at ConveyUX in Seattle on Feb. 28. Paul will discuss the importance of choosing the right mobile app solution for your organization.

A decision-making framework for mobile apps

projekt202 VP of Technology Paul Tidwell

projekt202 VP of Technology
Paul Tidwell

With a panacea of technologies available for developing mobile applications, how do you know which is the right one for your project and business?

In this session, you’ll learn about choosing between native, cross-platform native, or hybrid solutions. Delve into the comparative cost and complexity of trying to wring our reusable code and patterns, and review case studies on real solutions delivered with various technology stacks.

By the end of our time together, you should understand how technology relates to the UX design process as well as the impact on cost to deliver and market adoption considerations.

As a people-minded software services organization, my team has delivered user-centered business applications using native technology, NativeScript, Titanium, Xamarin, and custom hybrid tool chains. I’ll talk about what worked well, what did not, and how to make a smart choice early in your project lifecycle and delight users.

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