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Mark Sims Presents: "Test-Driven Development" @ Austin Javascript Meetup

  • Spredfast 200 West Cesar Chavez Street, 3rd Floor Austin, TX, 78701 United States (map)

In this talk, we will begin with a story of how fear, anxiety and self deprecation led me to my limit, and to ultimately quit development. The story includes the real accounts of the things that created these detrimental emotions and describes how learning proper testing methods helped eliminate them. The audience will find out how proper testing helped me come back to and learn to love development again.

We will cover the value propositions that Test Driven Development (TDD) offers, and talk about how it will build confidence in yourself and your code. Step by step, we will explore the process of TDD and the Red-Green-Refactor method, explaining the goal and mindset of each step.

The demonstration will begin with a preview of our application, a character voting app. We will take a look at the story card, presenting three requirements about the rules of the game, which are written in a behavioral manner. The requirements will be translated into placeholder tests and, one by one, we will write the tests. The demo reveals how to write tests for code that does not yet exist, which is a bit of a hurdle for some developers.

After writing tests, solving the requirements and refactoring our code, we will show how we can deploy our code with confidence that the new functionality is good and no regressions were produced.

This talk is informative, practical and fun. Come with an open mind and learn how TDD can help you build confidence.