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Implementing a Design System Built for Accuracy and Ease-of-Use

In Brief
TaxAct’s customer experience was disjointed, and, coupled with understaffed delivery teams, were struggling to gain marketing share against their big-name competitors. Through customer interviews TaxAct gained a complete picture of their challenges and opportunities. A design system was developed and implemented that solved the most pressing issues. By identifying major service gaps, TaxAct’s leadership better focused on budget, design, and technology resources. These strategies led to increases in conversion rate and NPS.

The Work
Strategy & Innovation

Understanding the Users. Understanding the Challenges.

The Solution

The engagement began by looking at the basic customer needs during the tax filling process. Together, we found and prioritized over 100 product opportunities. These opportunities were then used to create a customer-focused product roadmap. In parallel the team started on a new design system for their digital solutions. The UX teams worked to design a new experience that helped people file with confidence, and the development teams helped build out the design system for use across product teams.

The project included:

• Customer journey mapping
• UX design
• Design System creation and implementation • Development


A Focused Strategy Results in Big Business Gains

The Impact

The Design System and reusable component library we provided allowed the TaxAct UX and development teams to work with greater speed and efficiency. They are freed up to focus on new features and updates that continued to improve the customer experience.

Additionally, the TaxAct leadership team was able to identify major service gaps by using the research from customer interviews and journey maps. With that understanding, they were able to better focus their budget and design & technology resources.

The end result:

10 point conversation rate increase
17 point Net Promoter Score increase

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