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You aren’t just buying a new car. You’re adopting a new technology

In Brief
Faced with the challenge of winning over a global population deeply committed to gasoline-powered cars, Tesla approached us to create a virtual interactive showroom. We saw common objections to electric vehicles as opportunities for education and inspiration. The result was the award-winning GoElectric experience, the second most visited page on Tesla’s website and an incredible source of leads for their new Model-S sedan.

The Work
Experience Design
Technology Development

Overcoming the technology adoption curve

The Challenge

Selling an entirely new piece of technology isn’t easy, especially when one of the barriers involves people simply understanding it. Tesla already developed its showroom experience to help consumers overcome the five main objections to purchasing an all-electric car. But not everyone could access a showroom, so Tesla asked projekt202 to help bring that experience to life in the living room.

Interactive storytelling to convert skeptics into enthusiasts

The Approach

The GoElectric experience addressed the five primary questions Tesla encountered from interested but skeptical consumers, beginning with, “How far can I go?” To answer each question and engage customers in the virtual environment, first, we visually grounded the experience in the object of desire — a beautiful sports car. Then through interactive features, visual storytelling, and occasional humor, we carefully introduced key concepts that address each consumer question, leading the customer to a set of controls that allowed them to explore the technology

Interactive storytelling to convert skeptics into enthusiasts

The Impact

By easing customers into the experience and letting them play with interactive tools to both enlighten and excite, we easily converted reservations about a Tesla purchase into reservations for a purchase — all in a format easily viewable on an iPad from the comfort of the living room.

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