Building & Evolving

design and develop user-centered software

In practice, agile development teams are often isolated from several key sources of information and context. If design is even involved at all, artifacts such as wireframes are often treated as concrete specifications to be consumed rather than context for collaboration.

Furthermore, development teams must rely on the product owner as the primary source of information regarding both business context and user needs. Agile teams focus on maximum velocity without the means or motivation to plot the direction they’re heading in. 

projekt202’s Building and Evolving phase builds on the deep understanding of users’ goals, needs and aspirations, as well as the business context and collaborative prioritization derived from research during the Revealing Reality phase. 

Our multidisciplinary teams include designers as well as developers, all focused on building software together. Frequent user-validation sessions help refine the approach at the feature level, while the baseline knowledge from prior phases sets the overall direction. 

Agile methodologies provide common vocabulary and practices -- such as iterative development, automated testing and task decomposition -- but revealed user needs drive the solution direction, rather than the product owner in isolation.

Agile techniques are thus a means to an end, an appropriate tool appropriately deployed.

E2open revealed a strategic investment to enhance its User Interface and User Experience. In partnership with industry leader projekt202, the result will provide a unified and modern experience for greater visibility and more powerful insights into the multi-enterprise supply chain.
— projekt202 client E2open