Improve CX with a Human-Centered Convergent Design Provider

Improve CX with a Human-Centered Convergent Design Provider

Convergent designers help companies apply expert design practices to products, services, and spaces. A Forrester Research report dives deep into these providers, including projekt202, and details key considerations for hiring the right designer for your team's job.

How to Select an Experience Design Provider

How to Select an Experience Design Provider

The market for human-centered design is red-hot, as companies wanting to improve customer experience seek help from consultants offering experience design services. But what are the best ways to find the right provider? A Forrester Research report cites projekt202 in an illuminating look at selecting your experience design partner.

Online Content Remains King. Google Now Mandates It's Authoritative.

By Jacob Golding
Director of Digital Strategy, projekt202

Marketers, rightly so, have been increasingly focused on engaging with consumers through content rather than interrupting them with ads. Telling the story through content, intertwined into the user’s experience, is king. Google always strives to ensure its search results are trusted. This means it needs to provide searchers the most relevant content answers to their questions.

The increase in content online, matched by the drive for Google to deliver quality content, requires marketers to deliver high-quality, authoritative content that’s unique.

Reviewing Google’s 160-page guidelines released last year, these guidelines don’t tell us how to win. They do provide information that helps us understand what Google does look for, what makes a high-quality page, and how content should be written. The latter is especially important for marketers.

Quality content has always been a factor for Google. Their updated guidelines make it clear that “High-quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic.” For a page to possess those qualities, the content needs to have expert content written by expert writers.

By understanding these content parameters, marketers need to ensure their expert content and search teams are working side-by-side, bound by shared goals. This will help marketers and the sites they manage gain relevant visibility with improved rankings on the search engine results page.

Investing in copywriters who are able to write in the tone and language of the industry is important. The days of relying on a copy generalist – be it an SEO or marketing team member – to write content have gone.

At projekt202, we take an experience-driven approach to marketing. As content is integrated into the engagement layer for sites and applications, we pair copywriters with SEO experts to ensure an emotive connection is made with searchers and that Google rewards marketers for their investment.