Bringing UX Issues to Light in New "Expose UX"


projekt202's Senior UX Designer Chelsea Maxwell and Vice President of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson share their expertise in an illuminating new episode of "Expose UX," a TV show devoted to identifying user experience (UX) issues and solutions.

The latest episode shines a spotlight on Openbrite, whose modular LEDgoes products allow businesses to create programmable LED marquee displays of any size, shape, color and speed. However, its creators are struggling to clearly pinpoint their key audiences.

Along with fellow UX expert James Helms, Chelsea and Jeremy open up with their own bright advice on the importance of targeting exact users. Watch the new episode now.

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2016 Party, Part 3: The Award Goes to ...

12615387_945432932178344_7290576426712965364_oAs the party continued, it came time for projekt202 CEO and Chairman David Lancashire and Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder Peter Eckert to take the stage for award presentations. The duo recognized employees for outstanding achievements across the full spectrum of projekt202's services and toasted to a successful year ahead.

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2016 Party, Part 2: Let the Festivities Begin

The festivities were red-hot in the House of Blues. With plenty of delicious food (seriously, the bacon-wrapped dates were heavenly), flowing cocktails and equally flowing conversations, projekt202's annual party was well underway.

Emerald City set the mood and got partygoers jazzed up. Named "Entertainers of the Year" by the Dallas Morning News and D Magazine, Emerald City is renowned for its sound as one of the best live party bands in Dallas.

Naturally, it wasn't long before the projekt202 team decided to show off some sweet moves on the dance floor.

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projekt202 Named Among Dallas Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2015 Honorees

DALLAS–projekt202, the world leader in experience-driven application development, is also leading the Metroplex as one of the Best Places to Work in 2015 having been listed in the Dallas Business Journal’s latest list of honorees.

“The culture we’ve built here is positively infectious,” said Jeremy Johnson, Director of User Experience. “It’s wonderful to find a place that helps you grow in your craft, values your time, and is just genuinely a great place to work. You really feel like you’re sharing in the success of the organization.”

In order to participate, projekt202 employees were anonymously asked questions about work/life balance, training, opportunities for advancement, overall enjoyment at the workplace, and more. The Dallas Business Journal then made its determination regarding companies to include in this year’s awards.

As Forbes magazine has recently reported, it’s not enough for companies to simply provide a job that someone will fill. With a multitude of opportunities in the market, from crowdfunded startups to freelance platforms for contract workers, organizations are looking to appeal to talented people more and more.

“People appreciate the work environment we have created, and we’re able to attract a diverse group of people here, from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds,” said Russ Bair, projekt202’s General Manager. “That’s one of the things that makes us great. We’ve added 40 new people across the company since the beginning of the year and have several more new hires planned throughout 2015.”

As a company that designs, develops and builds software with people at the center of its methodology, projekt202 also focuses on creating better experiences within its workplace, where employees enjoy a great environment, a fun atmosphere, and a leadership team focused on helping people reach their potential.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Dallas Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work for 2015,” said Karen King, Director of Talent Management. “Our talented people are what makes our workplace special, and we are thrilled to be receiving this award.”

The Dallas Business Journal will honor projekt202 and other companies at its awards luncheon on June 25, 2015. This year marks the thirteenth year that the Dallas Business Journal will honor local companies with its Best Places to Work awards.

About projekt202

projekt202 is the world leader in applying design research to the development of mobile, cloud, web and workplace software. The company is actively changing the way people interact with technology around the world. Recognized for setting the standard for the way modern businesses develop software, projekt202 builds emotionally rich and intuitive solutions that enable customers and end users to access the full potential of technology in today’s connected world.

projekt202 has spent more than a decade creating and bringing to market compelling experiences through experience strategy and design research, interaction and visual design, application development, and digital marketing. Clients include Samsung, eBay, PepsiCo, Neiman Marcus, PayPal, Mercedes-Benz, Southwest Airlines, and more. For more information, visit or find us on Twitter, @projekt202.

projekt202 Labs: Die Tur

By Mark Power-Freeman

We’ve assembled quite the collection of powerful minds here at projekt202, and, as the air finally starts to cool down in Texas, we’ve tapped into that power to launch an in-house innovation generator called projekt202 Labs. The projekt202 Labs initiative aims to give everyone at the company — not just the user experience design crew — a creative outlet to propose solutions to user experience problems without the constraint of platforms, code, materials, or devices. Two words sum it up best: What if…?

Although we have only the sky as a theoretical limit on the output of projekt202 Labs, we brought along our proven user-centered design research process for our first endeavor. You must start with what you know to go beyond what you know. So after gathering some generative research from the putative user base, we ideated, sketched, wireframed, applied visual design, and then presented to our target audience. For our first Labs project we decided to investigate whether there was a better way to manage conference rooms. In a nod to the origin of our company’s name, our answer to this particular What if is: Die Tür.

Before going into details about Die Tür, let’s rewind a few ticks of the clock. Like the Brady Bunch (or Voltron or The Avengers – take your pick, based on your preferred cultural milieu), we had to come together as a unit first and decide on a mission objective.

We see a lot of bumper stickers here in ATX exhorting us to keep things local. We took that to heart and thought about both our office and the general urban area when brainstorming world-changing ideas. Among the considered topics:

  • Traffic help – alternate routes to get around heavy traffic; solutions to company parking lot woes
  • Homelessness – providing/communicating services to the homeless; community partnership to end homelessness
  • Encouraging personal responsibility - Dirty dishes in the sink; stinky fridge syndrome
  • Improving plant health – Right time to water, fertilize, trim, etc.
  • Grocery – “Best-path” for grocery shopping (multiple stores, specialty items, etc.)
  • Street parking – finding parking spots; better ways to pay
  • Noisy neighbors
  • “The Gauntlet” – dangerous crosswalk in front of the Austin p202 building

Any of those would have made for a fun and exciting design challenge. But as the crew bandied ideas and proposals about, we noticed that the issue of room reservation and management seemed to elicit the strongest responses. We put it to a vote, and the room management issue won with a significant plurality.

We could have moved immediately into ideation from this selection. This was, after all, one of those rare situations where we could both design a solution and benefit from the solution as users. One of the strengths of the lab initiative, however, is that we drew members from across practices, and with Design Researchers on board, we thought it would be cool to use a simple survey to get some good old-fashioned user input from people who weren’t directly involved in the project. We also “observed” some of our office mates selecting and reserving rooms.

The survey results and direct observations both confirmed what we’d believed: nobody was happy with the way rooms are managed, labeled, and reserved…in any of our p202 office locations! Common responses included: not knowing which rooms were which, not knowing who had a room or for how long without having to go back to one’s desk to look it up in Outlook, and not having any idea about the suitability of the various conference rooms for the needs of a meeting.

We took these responses into account when we moved to the next phase: brainstorming solutions.

Which begat a presentation to our “clients” – in this case, the rest of the office. But we didn’t just want to put together the all-too-typical deck for this presentation. Since once of the directives of projekt202 Labs is “Have Fun”, we put together a film to showcase both the process and the solution, and we think it’s ready for Cannes and Sundance:

So far, the most common response to the video is “Can we have this right now?!” We researched the materials needed to bring something like this to life, and…who knows? Maybe the next effort from the Labs crew will be to build this and market it.

In any event, we enjoyed having this opportunity to stretch our minds a bit, and we’re confident this is only the first of many exciting and envelope-pushing ideas that the Labs initiative will produce.