UX Podcast with projekt202 VP of CX Jeremy Johnson

projekt202 VP of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson was a featured guest on the business podcast “Designing A Game-Changing User Experience.”

projekt202 VP of CX Jeremy Johnson

projekt202 VP of CX Jeremy Johnson

The impact of design and user experience on business success is profound. Game-changing UX is the top way to ensure customer satisfaction and enduring loyalty in today’s marketplace.

A McKinsey study found that design-led companies had 32% more revenue and 56% higher total returns to shareholders compared with other companies.

Design, however, is much more than the way a product looks. More importantly, it is how it works and how it feels. Whether that’s using a smartphone app, creating a purchase order, or evaluating the success of your corporate strategy, how people experience your products and services has a direct and significant impact on your brand perception and corporate revenue.

Experts on the podcast shared how user interfaces, inclusive design, conversational UX, artificial intelligence and more are shaping the ways people work today and will work in the not-too-distant future.

In addition to Jeremy, experts on the UX podcast were Jonathan Shariat with Project Ronin and Heike Rapp with SAP. The podcast host is Bonnie Graham.

Among the highlights of the podcast:

When you start looking at why does design matter now, I think it’s because companies are finally realizing that they have to compete on experience.
— Jeremy Johnson, projekt202 VP of CX

“Designers need to be very sharp because they’re shaping our future … They need to fight for a plan. They need to evangelize their value because today’s business leaders are interacting with designers and that’s going to shape how they think about it in the future.”

“It’s your job, how difficult your task will be of getting design integrated into the DNA of that organization. If I were going to say how to do that, it would be to show your effectiveness. Make sure you speak their language and show results. Pick a hero project. Pick something where you can have a really big effect and engage in your full design process to show them the value from that particular project. From there, it’ll spread and make your job much easier at that point.”

“Within the next 5 to 10 years, design helping drive positive business outcomes will just become a permanent part of every product or service design and development project. Agile software development is the gold standard; it just takes awhile to turn these big ships around … Companies that start today will have a leg up in the economy as they become more and more focused on the [customer or user] experience.”

Listen now: UX podcast — Designing A Game-Changing User Experience

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