Strategic Program Management Enriches UX

Strategic management of timelines and vision is imperative to successfully launching a product or service.

Our Program Management team is well-versed in creating product roadmaps to keep all parties aligned with our shared goal. In this video, we illustrate how Program Management can help you and your team successfully deliver products and services that enrich your user experience.

A transcript of the video follows.

At projekt202, we know that careful, strategic management of timelines and vision is imperative to successfully launching a product. Through our unique, proven methodology, we synchronously create and deliver a viable product to our clients. Our goal is to stay aligned with our customer’s product vision with laser focus on quality.

Our Program Management team is well-versed in creating product roadmaps to keep all parties aligned with our shared goal. A roadmap focuses our goals, while still being able to adjust and change when needed. Maintaining direction is a key part of delivering on commitments and allowing stakeholders to gain insight into the solution we’re crafting with you. This is where our Agile methodology fits in well with the overall product creation.

Program Managers keep close eyes on projects through daily activities. These include controlling timeline, scope and budget, as well as risk management practices to head off potential issues before they come to fruition.

Additionally, we conduct sprint rituals, contribute product backlog items, track sprint commitments against velocity, and remove blockers for the team. Interwoven is the continual focus on delivering quality and continuous improvement. projekt202 Program Managers often act as Agile Coaches for stakeholders and teams. We are stewards of the projekt202 method and voice of accountability for delivery.

Ensuring the team has a clear, concise backlog is critical to success. This allows key stakeholders to understand what will be delivered and when. Our ability to plan and track product features through the backlog with roadmap alignment has a large impact on our clients and a significant influence on their ROI.

A differentiator at projekt202 is how we stay tightly coupled to the Product Owner and our customer’s business. Through seamless integration and consistent communication, we prioritize features to successfully deliver what your business needs when you need it. We help teams and customers focus on quickly delivering the most impactful features with an emphasis on quality.

Our project and product management teams are highly skilled in Agile frameworks, including SCRUM and SAFe. Our seasoned PM staff knows how to run integrated ESI, UX and development engagements to efficiently get products launched.

At projekt202, we understand the importance of scaling Agile across a business enterprise, helping you and your team successfully deliver products that continue to enrich your user experience, time after time.

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