5 Ways projekt202 Can Help Business Leaders Build Digital Skills

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, business leaders must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their technology prowess. If you’re not as tech savvy as your competitors, you’re already falling behind. 

Fortunately, the projekt202 team has ways to help business leaders uncover and examine any possible tech deficits. This concise, clear understanding can bring you up to speed on crucial skills that embrace modern customer-focused methods for software development and superior user experience.

Example 1: Leadership Workshops

Our teams of designers and researchers have solved complex challenges across hundreds of organizations, and they’re ready to share what we’ve learned over our more than 15 years of improving experiences worldwide.  

Our methodology has been spotlighted in publications and by industry experts as the definitive way to create modern digital solutions. We’ll work with your team to determine the most important themes and activities to drive a greater knowledge of what it takes to become an experience-driven organization.

Skills built: General understanding, modern methods for experience-driven digital solutions

projekt202’s differentiator: More than 15 years of experience, over 300 consultants

Example 2: Experience Audit

You have existing experiences today with both employee tools and customer experiences. We use available data resources to determine obvious pain points within your current experiences, planning “quick hits” vs. areas you should spend additional effort investigating.

For instance, these paint points might include poor NPS scores, funnel fallout, poor conversion or poor metrics. These will lead to a roadmap of where to move forward. This roadmap – or transformation plan – will illustrate places to get started, as well as areas to dive deeper into for gathering more insights and understanding.

Skills built: Customer/employee experience understanding, roadmap creation

projekt202’s differentiator: Cross-functional teams, designer and developer interaction and collaboration

Example 3: Team Assessment

Not all teams are created equal. Increasingly, there is more evidence supporting the right structure, makeup and ratios of these teams to ensure they’re high performing for your organization.

The projekt202 team will look at your team’s structure, embed ourselves into your current process, and benchmark your teams with best practices for experience-driven organizations.

We’ve been successfully integrated into hundreds of organizations to research what works well and what doesn’t.

It’s also not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your size, growth, headcount and budget, there are different combinations that work best for different groups.

Skills built: Modern organization structure, team makeup

projekt202’s differentiator:  Visibility into cross-vertical organizations; methods and processes

Example 4: Technology Audit

We assess foundational technology readiness to map to your organizational goals. Whether it’s using microservices, DevOps or agile processes, we want to ensure you can support your ongoing transformation.

Often, organizations start in the right place with the experience, only to realize later that key platforms or processes can’t support the investment you’re making. projekt202 works to make sure you’re fully prepared to achieve your future state.

Skills built: Technology roadmap, modern technology stacks

projekt202’s differentiator: Visibility into cross-vertical organizations, technologists that understand CX/UX/EX

Example 5: Business Drivers

It’s that important connection between the users, technology and your business that makes your organization successful. UX or tech teams often have difficulty creating this balance on their own.

Fortunately, projekt202’s business insights teams can understand your organization’s goals and establish context for your work. Assessing the basics of your business can sometimes open opportunities that improve the customer experience across your entire company, with a solid business case focused on ROI.

Our teams can bolster your overall effort by showing your executives that experience can equal a more profitable bottom line.

Skills built: ROI/KPI capabilities, experience-driven prioritization

projekt202’s differentiator: Blending business, tech and experience; tying experience to KPIs/ROI

projekt202 is the leader in experience-driven software strategy, design and development. We have a unique and established methodology for understanding people in context — we reveal unmet needs — which drives everything we do. This leads to a crisp, clear understanding of the customer, which shapes the design and development of new solutions and experiences. We have the expertise, teams, skills and scale to deliver sophisticated software solutions that improve any and all touchpoints across the user journey.

projekt202 has spent over 15 years bringing to life and to market compelling experiences through our Experience Strategy & InsightUser ExperienceSoftware DevelopmentMarketing & Analytics, and Program Management practices. Our talented team has delivered emotionally-rich and intuitive solutions for global brands and clients such as 7-Eleven, Capital One, Dell, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Neiman Marcus, Samsung Electronics, and The Container Store, among many others.

projekt202 has offices in AustinChicagoDallas, San Francisco and Seattle.