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UX for the Win, Hot Jobs, Big Design, SXSW and More

Posted Jan. 18, 2019

Dallas Business Journal Features Interview with projekt202 CEO David Lancashire

projekt202 CEO  David Lancashire

projekt202 CEO
David Lancashire

The Dallas Business Journal reported on projekt202’s growth heading into 2019.

“projekt202 is gaining traction with businesses that want to take a more thoughtful approach to how they build software, combining modern development techniques with more people-focused fields. The company already has some high-profile customer examples with names such as Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, 7-Eleven, Capital One and Samsung Electronics.”

UX Focus is Winning Strategy for Telcos

If telcos stay focused on user experience while adapting to emerging technologies, they can win big with their customers. That’s the advice from projekt202 Senior Experience Designer Sarah Leick in her article on three major industry trends for telecommunications companies.

The Future Looks Red-Hot for Designers and Developers

Two of the hottest jobs for the future are UX designers and software developers, according to a new report by Robert Half International.

Twitter Wants Users to Beta Test New Features

Twitter is asking a select group of users to test new features before a widespread rollout. Beta safe than sorry, they say.

Can San Francisco Steer the Stampede of Emerging Technologies Testing on Its Streets?

San Francisco wants to keep tabs on the various startups testing emerging technologies or operating their new products in the city. A new report notes, “It is clear that technology is part of the social fabric of life in San Francisco. Yet as keepers of the public right-of-way and other public spaces, we must develop appropriate policy measures to mitigate risks and unintended impacts on San Franciscans and our infrastructure.”

Microsoft Pledges $500 Million Toward Affordable Housing in Seattle

Microsoft has pledged $500 million to address homelessness and develop affordable housing across the Seattle area. Most of the money will be aimed at increasing housing options for low- and middle-income workers at a time when they’re being priced out of Seattle.

5 Predictions for Chicago’s Tech Ecosystem in 2019

What does the rest of the year hold for Chicago’s tech startups? Venture capitalists and startup experts weighed in with forecasts on what to expect in tech.

Speak Up! Big Design Wants You!

Big Design Co-Founder Brian Sullivan announced the call for speakers for the 2019 event. The Big Design Conference is one of the biggest events of its kind with a solid roster of experts. We can’t wait to see who’s on the speakers list this year.

UX Portfolio Review Jan. 31

Later this month, the Dallas UX Mentors group hosts a meetup for students, recent graduates, and industry professionals looking to transfer to the UX field (you saw the earlier news about UX design being red-hot, right?).

”Hi, Allow Me to Introduce You to the Best Cities for Networking …”’s list of the best cities for networking in 2019 features some familiar locales for projekt202. Five cities on the list are home to projekt202 offices — San Francisco (1) in the top spot, along with Seattle (6), Austin (7), Dallas (8) and Chicago (25) — so stop in and network with our teams.

SXSW Announces Keynote Speakers

Among the many speakers from the tech, gaming and entertainment industries at this year’s SXSW in Austin are Neil Gaiman, Tim Ferriss and Henry Winkler. We’ll just go ahead now and block out March 8-17 in our calendars …


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