Research, Design and Development Team Up to Create Great Experiences


People’s expectations for experiences continue to grow — both with consumer products and in the workplace. To exceed expectations and build truly great experiences, you need a strategy based on customer insights, a great design, and solid technology. Unfortunately, many miss one of the key ingredients and the product falls flat.

In an upcoming workshop featuring projekt202’s Emily Diersing, Jasmine Walker and Tania Simpson, attendees will hear from a researcher with a background in anthropology, a designer who excels at creating great experiences, and a developer who speaks design. They will share how they work together to create something that people fall in love with using their practical experience working with some of the world’s biggest and most respected brands at projekt202.

The session — “Three Ingredients to a Good Product: How Research, Design and Development Work Together to Create Great Experiences” — takes place Friday, March 29, at the National Student Show & Conference (NSSC) in Dallas.

The goal of the NSSC is to help students become successful creative professionals. As a professionally judged creative competition and conference built for students and their educators, it is the perfect showcase for the projekt202 trio’s talk.

Jasmine Walker

Jasmine Walker

“Our discussion will not only teach basic principles of research, design and development, but will also illustrate the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach to creating products for companies of varying sizes,” Jasmine said. “Together, the three of us craft experiences for our clients and their customers based on real-life human factors that should always inform decisions that guide the trajectory of a company and their products.”

Students will undoubtedly appreciate the projekt202 team members’ candor as they discuss methodology and processes.

At projekt202, our proven methodology is so valuable to companies primarily because collaboration is one of our governing principles.
— projekt202's Jasmine Walker

Workshop attendees also will learn the ways that three diverse, talented women navigate the hills and valleys of such a competitive industry.

One of the many ways that competition can manifest itself is through siloed environments that tend to isolate different employees and disciplines.

Jasmine explained that silos can be seriously damaging to businesses as they often eliminate the flow of communication between teams and departments. When teams whose work inherently informs each other’s are separated both spatially and communicatively, working toward a common goal can be difficult to accomplish.

“At projekt202, our proven methodology is so valuable to companies primarily because collaboration is one of our governing principles. Even the physical layouts of our offices promote cross-team interaction,” Jasmine said. “During a typical client engagement at projekt202, a researcher talks to real users in context to understand how they interact with a company and its products, a designer accompanies a researcher in the field to create novel designs based on observed behaviors, and a developer is in constant communication with a designer to make the results of our collaboration come to fruition.”

She further explained that all businesses and organizations — from multi-million-dollar corporations to small startups — need “an ear to the streets,” a team that is able to eliminate assumptions by observing the true wants, needs and motivations of a given market segment. The end product is one that is both innovative and effective.

Emily Diersing

Emily Diersing

As an example, Emily highlighted a recent client engagement for a billion-dollar global company.

“Internally, there had previously been little to no user research, no internal designers, and development teams were years behind in technology. Over time, we have set a high standard through our methodology with projekt202 and have put it into practice with our client,” Emily said.

The projekt202 team positively and productively helped the client change its outlook on how software should be built. By creating unique teams, projekt202 demonstrated the value and ROI of having all teams work together instead of in silos.

Emily continued, “These teams consist of front-end developers, back-end developers, a designer, and others from the business side that have to work together to create a product. All of this is happening while our researcher has been able to work with each to find ways where user research can be integrated. We have been able to transform the culture inside of this large and multi-national company.”

Tania Simpson

Tania Simpson

This transformative case study and other background will be featured at the spring conference. The three-day NSSC event (March 28 - 30, 2019) is packed with unique opportunities to help students enhance their design education and prepare themselves for the professional world. Student attendees will get inspired by keynote speakers, learn important new skills in breakout sessions such as the projekt202 workshop, improve their creative work with portfolio reviews by experienced professionals, and possibly land a fresh job at the NSSC job fair.

For attendees of all experience levels, there are plenty of learning opportunities everywhere at this year’s NSSC.

Be sure to catch the presentation by Emily, Jasmine and Tania on March 29.


4 - 5:30 p.m.
Friday, March 29, 2019


Hotel Doubletree by Hilton - Campbell Centre
8250 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX, 75206 (map)

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