Forrester Predicts CX Shocks in 2019

5 Customer Experience Predictions from Respected Industry Analysis Firm

Customers expect their experiences to get better, but most companies haven’t exactly kept pace with those expectations. As a result, 2019 may be the year that customer experience professionals have to face a CX shock-to-the-system reality.

A Nov. 5, 2018 report by Forrester Research – “Predictions 2019: Customer Experience” – explores five of the respected industry analysis firm’s most impactful predictions for the new year.
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  1. Stagnating CX quality will cause short, destructive price wars.

    “Companies that despair of differentiating on the basis of CX will resort to price cuts to attract new customers.” However, the report emphasizes, any gains will be short-lived, as firms are locked in competition for CX-fueled customer loyalty in the long-term.

  2. Efforts to make the business case for CX transformation will surge.

    If they want to continue to receive meaningful support in 2019, the report notes, customer experience professionals must put more sophisticated CX business plans in front of their executive decision-makers.

  3. In the hot jobs market, CX pros will flee frustrating gigs for more opportunity.

    CX professionals are expected to have greater career opportunities in 2019 as companies establish and expand their CX teams.

  4. Customer success management (CSM) will break through at more types of B2B firms.

    CSM is expected to break through and gain traction in industries such as manufacturing, business services, and on-premises software in the new year.

  5. The role of the UX professional will evolve from doer to leader.

    Companies are predicted to “prioritize hiring designers with a proven ability to influence; with experience mentoring nondesigners in their craft; and who excel in relationship building and diplomacy. Career ladders for professional design practitioners and leaders will evolve to reflect new competencies needed to enable the democratization of design, like serving as a design evangelist and educator.”

Similarly, leaders at projekt202 have found that more organizations are waking up to the value and importance of customer experience. Companies that understand their customers are more successful at keeping them and attracting new ones.

projekt202 VP of CX Jeremy Johnson

projekt202 VP of CX
Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson, projekt202's Vice President of Customer Experience, explained, “We’re also seeing more investment in customer experience across projekt202 customers — and not just focusing on the external experience, but the internal tools and systems as well. We’ve seen cases where helping companies improve employee-facing tools not only makes their workforce more efficient, but improves overall customer experience for me and you.”

Johnson noted that companies that fail to focus on the customer risk falling behind competitors that are creating seamless experiences. These competitors are using customer understanding to their advantage, generating new concepts and ideas in the process.

As a result, Johnson said, these forward-thinking, customer-focused companies will continue to grow in market share while retaining their customers and margin, compared with organizations that focus only on cutting prices.

“With billion-dollar organizations putting huge investments in large-scale transformations, projekt202 is excited to help companies determine customer insights across all their brand touchpoints,” Johnson said. “Applying those insights to the design and development of improved experiences is the foundation of what we do in the CX arena.”

Forrester’s “Predictions 2019: Customer Experience” report is authored by Harley Manning, Gina BhawalkarRyan Hart, TJ Keitt, Rick Parrish, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Adele Budovsky and Judy Weader, with Sam Karpinski and Shayna Neuburg.

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