Forrester Research Offers 7 Key Citations of projekt202’s Work

projekt202’s experience-driven insights warrant inclusion in noted research & advisory firm’s reports

Forrester Research is highly regarded as one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. The company works with business and technology leaders to develop customer-obsessed strategies that drive growth. Through proprietary research, data, custom consulting, exclusive executive peer groups, and events, the Forrester experience is about a singular and powerful purpose: to challenge the thinking of clients to help them lead change in their organizations.

Likewise, projekt202 is well-regarded as the leader in its field of experience-driven software strategy, design and development. Helping global organizations transform is the foundation of projekt202’s research-guided methodology for delivering better customer and user experiences.

Forrester and projekt202 have partnered on and contributed to significant reports over the years. projekt202's work has been showcased in seven key Forrester Research reports and communications:

  1. In a report on customer experience (CX) transformation, Forrester Research notably cited projekt202's process for strengthening Agile-based design and development collaboration. Organizations must adopt best practices in defining and refining experiences based on vision and research-based customer understanding, with cadence, accountability and coordination, concluded the report.

    It went on to outline crucial priorities and processes for those leading their organizations' journeys to CX transformation, including important takeaways such as moving from a design-ready to a design-led business, deepening an organization's design expertise, and extending the design process beyond the team.

  2. Another Forrester report -- "Customer Empathy: Three Essential Strategies for Cultivating It in Your Organization" -- examined strategies and tactics for successfully building customer empathy. Among the tactics cited in the report was projekt202's work to transform employees into customer surrogates. 

    "To help a health insurance company improve its claims processing tools, software design and development firm projekt202 had executives and stakeholders become stand-ins for the customer during a workshop. To aid in this act of imagination, projekt202 assigned participants, including the CEO, a specific persona and had them wear a smock color-coded for the persona," the report stated. "It then told them that while wearing the smock, they had to become and speak for the persona, taking on the persona’s perspective based on the data provided."

    As Aliza Gold, projekt202's Vice President of Experience Strategy and Insight (ESI), noted, "Savvy CEOs are the ones who recognize that customer experience and having a robust understanding of their customers are number-one priorities. The key driver for turning customers into loyal brand advocates is a genuine understanding of and empathy for their wants, needs and motivations."

  3. Analysts at Forrester further highlighted projekt202's persona work with a major auto manufacturer. In its "Persona Pitfalls: Seven Missteps And How To Avoid Them" report, Forrester looked at seven barriers to success with customer personas, along with strategies and best practices for overcoming these hurdles.

    As the report emphasized, great customer experiences don’t happen by accident; when they are done well, personas are one tool for improving those experiences. Persona pitfalls have developed partly because of the popularity of personas as a tool for improving the customer and user experience in products and services. However, as their use has spread, so has the confusion about them. As a result, many firms are no longer reaping the numerous benefits good personas provide.

    projekt202’s Experience Strategy and Insight teams have a core competency in gathering human data using anthropological approaches, but the work doesn’t stop there. Creating actionable artifacts and training on the personas are important steps to enable the success of personas in the organization for the teams who will use them. This is where projekt202’s offerings take clients from data to evidence-based decision-making.

  4. Forrester and projekt202 partnered on a webinar -- featuring Bobby Cameron, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst -- for key insights about transforming an organization into a customer-obsessed, fast-moving powerhouse.

    More than 60% of businesses don't understand basic truths about their customers. IT organizations must be prepared to lead with a strategy based on a continuous pulse on their customers' real needs. Enabling this capability involves a new approach to planning, as well as new team members, tools, techniques, and a cultural shift to unite them.

    The webinar also featured projekt202's Aliza Gold and Chief Transformation Officer Rob Pierry.

  5. projekt202 was included in Forrester’s survey of 51 experience design services providers. The market for human-centered design is red-hot, as companies seeking to improve customer experience look for help from agencies or consultants offering experience design services. But what are the best ways to find the right provider for your specific project and organization?

    The report by Forrester Research -- "How To Select An Experience Design Provider, North America, 2018" -- explained what these providers, including projekt202, have in common; how they differ; and the right process for identifying which ones are relevant to an organization's needs.

  6. To better serve their customers, companies increasingly are hiring experience design (XD) providers that apply human-centered design principles. Of three types of XD providers -- business designers, convergent designers, and specialty designers -- the convergent firms are those that help organizations apply expert design practices to products, services, and spaces.

    A June 14, 2018 report by Forrester Research -- "Convergent Designers, North America, Q2 2018" -- dives deep into these providers, including projekt202, with insights on key questions and considerations for hiring the right designer for your team's job. 

  7. Employee engagement leads to stronger company performance. However, the effects on an organization’s bottom line can be detrimental if employers skip a key variable in the engagement formula: understanding the employee. That’s a crucial finding from a May 9, 2019 Forrester Research report, “Create Employee Personas To Power EX Strategy.”

    To develop outstanding employee experiences, companies should look at creating employee personas. These represent a large segment of employees as a single individual, and illustrate required tasks, goals, motivations, wants, needs and pain points – all from the employees’ perspective.

    Citing persona work performed by projekt202, Analyst Angelina Gennis noted in a May 10, 2019 blog article, “projekt202 conducted observations and interviews in a client’s fertility clinic to diagram fertility coaches’ workflow. The workflow illustrated how much coaches have on their plates and what led to cumbersome processes that detracted from giving patients the best care. The consultancy conducted employee research and determined key modes that coaches switch between as they navigate their workflow. Submodes, or ‘modes of working,’ further detailed the needs to meet to improve employee experiences.”

    The report continued, “Then, projekt202 modeled the workflows to correspond to the mode-based personas and identify opportunities for optimization. It has found this to be a repeatable process to determine a plan of action or road map for improved EX.”

    [Note: Report access requires purchase or subscription; visit the
    Forrester website for details.]

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