Improve CX with a Human-Centered Convergent Design Provider

projekt202 Listed in Forrester's Overview of Experience Design Providers

To better serve their customers, companies increasingly are hiring experience design (XD) providers that apply human-centered design principles. 

Of three types of XD providers -- business designers, convergent designers, and specialty designers -- the convergent firms are those that help organizations apply expert design practices to products, services, and spaces. 

A June 14, 2018 report by Forrester Research -- "Convergent Designers, North America, Q2 2018" -- dives deep into these providers, including projekt202, and gives insights on key questions and considerations for hiring the right designer for your team's job. 
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Authored by Forrester Analyst Andrew Hogan with David Truog, Amelia Nickels, Will Willsea and Shayna Neuburg, the report concludes that convergent designers can:

1. bring different fields of design together;
2. shape and sell ideas using visualization and prototyping skills; and
3. catalyze design-led organizational change.

In gauging what capabilities companies need from a convergent design provider, Forrester identified four segments with differing strengths:

  • Digital product designers -- such as projekt202 -- focus on screens, software, and, at times, physical objects. [see Figure 2 below]

  • Service designers emphasize sequences of interactions and the ecosystem.

  • Industrial designers focus on physical experiences.

  • Spatial designers focus on commercial and public environments.

Source: Forrester Research, Inc. Unauthorized reproduction, citation, or distribution prohibited.

Source: Forrester Research, Inc. Unauthorized reproduction, citation, or distribution prohibited.

Forrester defines an XD provider as a services firm that helps companies improve customer experiences and business outcomes by applying expert design practices. Expert design practices were further defined as effective qualitative and quantitative research, workshops, generative ideation, visualization, and iterative prototyping and concepting.

A companion report by Forrester Research -- "How To Select An Experience Design Provider, North America, 2018" [June 14, 2018] -- also suggests creating a shortlist of providers by clarifying your needs. Companies and team leaders should answer three questions to narrow down the consideration set:

  1. Scope: Do you need to change your business?

  2. Medium: Do you need an app or website?

  3. Method: How do you want to work with your XD provider?

In compiling its reports, the Forrester team surveyed 51 XD providers, spoke with clients, and talked to other vendors in the design space to create a comprehensive picture of the North American market and best practices for how to navigate it.

The Right Methodology to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Fully understanding the people who will use an organization's products and services is the foundation of projekt202's repeatable, programmatic methodology.

This proven process allows developers, designers, marketers and architects to make decisions that support the intended customer experience. Successfully reaching a business goal depends on having a clear target, one based on an understanding of what customers and users value. 

As described in projekt202's book Designing Software for People, "By directly observing people, we can get to the heart of their needs, motivations and aspirations. We observe users in their 'habitats' -- in the office, at home or at play -- and we uncover what drives them, what inspires them and what connects with them on an emotional level. By doing this, we create knowledge for our clients of where to invest resources based on this deep understanding of what people value."

projekt202 is the leader in experience-driven software strategy, design and development. We have a unique and established methodology for understanding people in context — we reveal unmet needs — which drives everything we do. This leads to a crisp, clear understanding of the customer, which shapes the design and development of new solutions and experiences. We have the expertise, teams, skills and scale to deliver sophisticated software solutions that improve any and all touchpoints across the user journey.

projekt202 has spent over 15 years bringing to life and to market compelling experiences through our Experience Strategy & InsightUser ExperienceSoftware DevelopmentMarketing & Analytics, and Program Management practices. Our talented team has delivered emotionally-rich and intuitive solutions for global brands and clients such as 7-Eleven, Allstate, Canon, Capital One, Dell, McKesson, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Neiman Marcus, Samsung Electronics, Subway and The Container Store, among many others.

projekt202 has offices in AustinChicagoDallas and Seattle.