Big Design, Big Success: Creating Retail Experiences to Recapture Audiences

By    Jasmine Walker    Experience Researcher projekt202

By Jasmine Walker
Experience Researcher

Big Design 2018 did not disappoint, with workshops and talks from industry professionals that were as informative as they were inspirational.

A talk that was especially refreshing – Heather Hildebrand’s Make it Meaningful: How Retailers Can Create Experiences to Recapture Audiences – offered an engaging discussion on ways smaller, lesser-known companies or larger companies that have experienced a decrease in popularity can compete with retail giants like Amazon.

According to Hildebrand, providing unique and meaningful customer experiences through the creation of emotional connections between shoppers, products, and brands is the key to long-term success. This may sound like common knowledge to industry veterans; however, Hildebrand asserts that retailers have the power to be disruptive in their industries by not necessarily relying on demographic data – which often produce sweeping generalizations – but by researching nuanced affinities of their customer base, yielding a customized experience for each individual user. Curated subscriptions like PawPost and Birchbox are examples of these customized experiences that generate excitement and anticipation from their customers, in addition to simplifying their overall shopping experience.

Another key point of advice Hildebrand offered was that companies should not try to predict what consumers want, rather anticipating users’ needs as they are revealed through the customers’ journeys. Being ready to serve those needs will undoubtedly give companies an edge up on their competitors.

In essence, if a company sets the standard of innovation, experience, and customer service better than their competitors, when their customers use other services and do not receive the same quality brand interaction, those customers will return to the original trusted brand every time.

The Experience Strategy and Insight team here at projekt202 uses journey maps, Kano, diary, and validation studies, along with a myriad of other tools from our methodological stockpile to help companies achieve their true potential as market titans.

projekt202 prides itself on being the leader in experience-driven research and design that caters to a vast array of industries from retail to healthcare. We believe that Revealing Reality through exhaustive research that uncovers customers’ wants, needs, and motivations is undoubtedly the best way to craft effective solutions for companies striving to offer unparalleled experiences that will rival the largest of market behemoths.

Published Oct. 4, 2018

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