7 Speakers You Can't Miss at Big Design 2018

The biggest names and brightest minds are heading to Big Design in Big D this September.

The Big Design 2018 Conference on Sept. 20 - 22 in Dallas is a must-attend event for user experience (UX) and usability professionals, digital marketers, designers, content strategists, and developers. Over 1,000 participants attend informative workshops and presentations given by Big Design's roster of speakers, a diverse mix of industry experts, well-known authors, web influencers, software developers, and more.

In addition to serving our tech community as event sponsor, projekt202 is proud to be represented at this year's Big Design by seven outstanding presenters on the following topics:

Workshop: User Research Toolkit
Presenters: Jessie Webster, Experience Researcher,
and Kelly Moran, Principal Experience Researcher

Thusday, Sept. 20, 2018

Jessie Webster

Jessie Webster

projekt202's Jessie Webster and Kelly Moran kick off the Big Design 2018 schedule with an all-day user research workshop on Thursday, Sept. 20.

Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran

Are you looking for practice with in-depth user-experience research methods? You may have read about techniques in the past, but methods must be practiced to be understood. projekt202 has been employing these methodologies with great success since 2003. This workshop is your opportunity to try these tools in a structured environment without pressing deadlines or looming stakeholders. Our experienced research and design professionals will share industry tips and tricks that will help you put theory to practice.

The workshop will be hands-on and interactive; instructional elements will be reinforced with stories of impact to real projects. We will not only cover methods of gathering user data, but the importance of spending time internalizing and analyzing the data through activities such as affinity diagramming. Participants will gain exposure to these important practices in a low-pressure atmosphere and with the guidance of experienced professionals.

Animation: The Fine Line Between Intuitive and Distracting
Speaker: John Keese, Senior UX Designer
Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

John Keese

John Keese

Today’s rapid product timelines often require UX to be lean and nimble. Wireframing, testing and UI all get their due, but animation is often the last kid picked. With rapid prototyping tools like Principle, Framer, and soon-to-be-released InVision Studio, quick animation iteration is possible.

Attendees will go through each of these tools from a high-level and go in-depth into one. Along the way, they’ll learn tips and tricks to enable quick animation prototyping and assure easy dev handoff.

The UX of Ethics: Doing It Better
Speaker: Kelly Moran, Principal Experience Researcher
Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran steps up again for this informational presentation on Day 2 of Big Design.

Providing a memorable user experience demands skill, consistency, an attentive interest in the end user, and often a large dose of creative ingenuity to pull it all off. Creativity fuels innovation, solves complex problems, and can help our jobs feel less like work. By ignoring boundaries, the creative mind leaves restraint behind and finds new and important ways to accomplish goals, all for the alleged benefit of the user. When we’re all so busy making things better, who has time for things like ethical considerations?

Ethics, however, serve an important purpose by providing a critical framework for successful group interactions. In the field of UX, our impact on the world is growing ever larger; as it does, our actions have further-reaching consequences. Can you apply good ethical practices without compromising your creative intent? You can. Let’s start by doing better.

Scientific Underpinnings of UX Research: Model the Scientific Method
Speaker: Joe Dyer, Director of Experience Strategy & Insight (ESI)
Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Joe Dyer

Joe Dyer

projekt202's Joe Dyer will provide an insightful overview of the history of behavioral science.

His presentation further ties together the practice of evaluative and generative user research to the tenets of the actual scientific method.

The overall intention and benefits of this merging of methods are improving the construct validity and trustworthiness of UX research findings.

Crafting a Design Challenge for Evaluating UX Candidates
Presenters: Josh Christopher, UX Creative Director, and Chelsea Soprano, Experience Architect
Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Josh Chrisopher

Josh Chrisopher

UX designers are in big demand. More and more people enter the field every day. For companies trying to attract, interview, and hire UX designers, this causes a number of challenges:

Chelsea Soprano

Chelsea Soprano

1. How do you keep from scaring off great UX candidates before the interview even occurs?
2. What does your company actually do to evaluate the candidates that you’re bringing in?
3. How do you demonstrate the same thoughtfulness via the interview process that you hope your UX candidates will bring in their design solutions?

With many new potential UX designers coming in straight out of school, or changing careers and coming from another field, it becomes very important for us to accurately evaluate and hire candidates. This requires that someone familiar with the industry  vet experience, review portfolios, and interview.

By spending time and effort to come up with a documented hiring process, you don’t fall into a process accidentally and are able to craft an experience that gives a better outcome to everyone.

Businesses Want Results, Not Empathy Maps
Speaker: Jeremy Johnson, VP of Customer Experience
Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Design continues to grow within organizations, and many groups have finally gotten that “seat at the table” we were always wanting. However, there is a concern that while we’re bringing valuable customer insights, we’re not connecting them directly to action, much to the dismay of business teams. Thus, design needs to drive actionable roadmaps and backlogs with concepts and insights that bring business value.

In this talk on the final day of Big Design 2018, projekt202's Jeremy Johnson will expertly illustrate how to ensure you connect customer insights to tactical projects, through design, to launch.

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