Timely Teamwork with projekt202 Helps Services Company Deliver Complex, Customized Software

You know how the industry always says outsourcing never works? projekt202’s engagement has been the one and only experience we have seen that counters that mentality.
— Project Manager with Client Company

The Opportunity

A major screening services company needed help finishing a complex, customized software product. With over 100,000 individuals and companies relying on the firm for public records research, timeliness was a key factor.

The Work

The company turned to projekt202 to deliver the software within a tight deadline while also meeting strict federal compliance requirements.

By coming onboard, the projekt202 team significantly boosted the client’s development capacity and ability to complete its product. projekt202 also introduced strategic process and development practices such as test automation to the company’s developers.

Tech Stack: Asp.net MVC, SQL Server, NHibernate (ORM), Sass, Durandal, Selenium, .NET Libraries

The Results

Through projekt202’s teamwork, the developers’ overall effectiveness time was reduced from six months to six weeks. Several new product capabilities were successfully launched. In addition, iterative development practices were introduced and adopted, greatly improving the client’s delivery capabilities.

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