Software Redesign Pays Off in Efficiency, Greater Productivity and Outstanding UX

projekt202 team partners with tech giant on improved customer experience

One of the world leaders in server/cloud infrastructure hardware turned to projekt202, the leader in software design and development, when it needed superior UX.

The client’s own application for building configurations used in server/cloud solution sales was not well-received. Users found the design unintuitive and counter-productive to their workflow.

To improve the experience of the product, projekt202 redesigned it through user validation and prototyping. The team also introduced best practices with Angular implementation, further ensuring an uncompromised experience from design comps.

Resources used by the projekt202 team included Angular 1.5, Bootstrap, Grunt, Sass and Jasmine. 

As a result of projekt202’s work, the client’s end-users loved the redesigned system. The improved experience provided a smoother, more efficient workflow, which in turn led to greater productivity.

The project also created an important understanding of UX. Prior to projekt202’s involvement, the client saw little to no value in user experience. By the end of the engagement, however, the client’s executives fully acknowledged that a user-centric experience – combined with the talents of developers versed in its implementation – was truly invaluable.

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