Apple, GE Predix Partnership: An Exciting Evolution in Design and Development

Predix platform is a familiar and welcome resource for projekt202 developers

This week, Apple and GE unveiled an exciting partnership that further harnesses the power and versatility of GE’s Predix platform.

The two companies announced an iOS software development kit (SDK) for GE's Industrial Internet of Things platform Predix, a set of cloud services that enable customers to track the health of expensive industrial equipment sold and serviced by GE. Importantly, it gives developers the tools to make their own powerful industrial IoT apps.

As detailed by TechCrunch Enterprise Reporter Ron Miller in his Oct. 18 article, "The key here is that the new SDK gives both external developers and those inside GE the ability to build native apps on top of the Predix platform, allowing them to take advantage of the full Apple ecosystem, whether that’s iBeacons, the internal gyroscope sensor inside iPhone, or even augmented reality in the latest iPhones."

The SDK gives developers the ability to make powerful, native apps that take full advantage of the industrial analytics from Predix and tap into the power and ease of use of iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.
— Oct. 18, 2017 Apple & GE press release

The power of Predix -- enabling improved experiences across the workplace -- is one that's familiar to projekt202 developers.

"Looking back on our own work designing and developing solutions using GE’s Predix platform, the addition of Apple as a strategic partner for Predix is an exciting evolution," said projekt202 Vice President of Technology Paul Tidwell. "Our fundamental belief that successful software solutions emphasize the needs of the user is a shared principle. Unlocking the potential to build IIOT solutions on iOS devices that adhere to core Predix UI principles as well as enable consistent architectures provides a great opportunity to take Predix solutions into the field on form factors users already love.

"Our team is excited to continue doing field work to uncover user needs and deliver them natively to Apple hardware in a consistent manner. This announcement also supports putting MacBooks in the hands of Predix developers, a trend that has been evident since the first Predix Transform event when developers descended en masse with Apple hardware. Open source developers love working on MacBook Pros, and the formalization and recognition of this allows developers to embrace Predix development on a platform that really enhances productivity," said Tidwell.

Oct. 18, 2017 press release from Apple and GE

Read the TechCrunch article by reporter Ron Miller

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