Liquor is Quicker, Thanks to projekt202’s Improved UX for Delivery Service LASH

A Texas startup is stirring up the delivery business by giving it the spirited shot it needs, with help from projekt202.

Addison-based LASH Delivery offers more than 3,000 types of beer, wine, liquor and drink mixers – along with food from over 300 restaurants – to 63 ZIP codes in Dallas, Collin and Denton counties, with the Austin and Houston metros recently added to the mix.

"Ninety-five percent of the time when you go to the liquor stores, you know what you want. You should only step out of the house for things that enhance your life, like hanging out with friends. Everything else should come to you,” said Manil Uppal, one of the two founders of LASH, during a Dallas Business Journal interview.

Valued Design and UX, with the Urgency of Launch

The LASH co-founders – Uppal and Arshaad Mirza – have always valued design and user experience (UX), but, like a lot of startups, they were racing to get to launch. Getting your idea to market quickly is a mantra of many startups. Since launch, LASH has been moving fast and growing faster.

Even with their success, they knew that user experience was a key component to continue that growth.

Prospective customers make instantaneous decisions about the quality of software based purely on the way it looks.”
— projekt202 VP of UX Michael Blakesley

“The bar is much higher for services nowadays. People are more savvy, and want an experience that is easy to use and visually appealing. This helps with making sure everyone has a seamless experience, and evokes trust and confidence that we’re a great solution,” said Mirza.

Winning new customers is difficult when the user interface looks clunky, outdated or confusing, said projekt202 Vice President of User Experience Michael Blakesley.

“Remember, prospective customers make instantaneous decisions about the quality of software based purely on the way it looks. The Nielsen Norman Group refers to this as ‘perceived value’ that has a direct impact on initial impressions of software credibility,” said Blakesley. “Although visual design is just one aspect of a holistic solution, it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked."

projekt202 Sprints into Action to Deliver a Better Digital Experience

Mirza engaged projekt202 to improve the design and user experience for LASH’s e-commerce website – — something that had needed UX guidance for some time.

This process happened over a quick 10-day design sprint, starting with understanding the business context through stakeholder interviews and a quick survey. Afterward, the projekt202 team assessed the in-house developed application and, looking over the analytics, made key decisions for what worked well and what didn’t. Finally, moving to the redesign process, the team went screen by screen to improve the e-commerce desktop and mobile experiences. With this being a transactional site, improved metrics centered on app downloads – a main channel for LASH – plus conversion, bounce rate and average order value.

Using mobile first-responsive web design methods, the projekt202 team spent the remaining days in the design sprint on important areas like landing and product pages, as well as a prioritized list of other crucial pages.

In the end, projekt202 redesigned a number of UX-vital screens, and moved the design forward with one that was bold, modern, casual and fun. Since this sprint, the LASH team has been able to launch a number of the new designs as it continues to improve the overall user experience.

While working with some of the largest and best recognized companies in the world – such as Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, The Container Store, Neiman Marcus, Samsung Electronics and Capital One — projekt202 also enjoys working with innovative startups when possible. projekt202’s headquarters is near LASH’s HQ at the Addison TreeHouse, a co-working space focused on aspiring entrepreneurs, and founded by the Town of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC).

“We chose Addison for the LASH Delivery headquarters so that we could tap the burgeoning startup community and the supporting infrastructure provided by DEC, Addison TreeHouse and others that get what it takes to launch a new business,” Mirza said in Addison Magazine.

LASH is not the first startup in projekt202’s client roster.

“Our developers, designers and strategists love the opportunity to work with any passionate group, and startups usually have that in spades,” said projekt202 Vice President of Customer Experience (CX) Jeremy Johnson. “The opportunity to get to play with new innovative technologies, push the limits of design and work directly with the founders is not something you get to do on every project.”

In this instance, projekt202’s fast design sprint helped Uppal’s and Mirza’s team improve key metrics and provided solutions to greatly move LASH’s web presence forward.

Download the LASH app and check out the improved website at

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