Are Retailers Delivering Digital Experiences that Customers Can Buy Into?

Retail companies must ensure their digital presence is keeping up with the demands of customers who are eager to shop around.

"More so than the physical storefront, a retailer's online presence can make or break a business," said projekt202 Vice President of Customer Experience (CX) Jeremy Johnson. "Customers have multiple touchpoints with a company, whether in person, on their laptops, or on their phones and mobile devices."

projekt202 VP of CX Jeremy Johnson

projekt202 VP of CX Jeremy Johnson

At every stage, he said, those touchpoints have to be ones that meet or exceed customers' expectations.

"If you visit a store in person and have a bad experience, chances are, you're probably not going to visit that store again. The same is true with your business' website or app. Is it easy to use? Can customers find what they're looking for? Is it easy to check out? These are crucial questions that companies must answer if they want to stay in business in today's market," Johnson said.

He noted that projekt202 has had extensive success helping major retailers deliver digital experiences that click with shoppers and drive business. He cited the following examples:

"Retailers have to stand out on a global, online scale," said Johnson. "Customers are counting on you to deliver."

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