Deliver Stand-Out Value Through Customer Experience Ecosystem

Forrester Report Highlights Competitive Advantages of Superior CX

To deliver experiences that truly stand out, companies must align a complex, constantly-evolving ecosystem that involves customers, employees, business partners and operating environments.

This "customer experience ecosystem" is the subject of a key report by renowned market analysis firm Forrester Research. The Jan. 13, 2017 document -- "Drive Differentiation with Your Ecosystem" -- explains that organizations must dig deeper and think bigger for ways to create differentiated experiences and to stand out from the competition. To do so, companies must successfully understand, control and ultimately transform their entire customer experience ecosystems.

To illustrate, the report states, "Customer experience is like putting on a performance. Sure, the main-stage actors are important, but when the behind-the-scenes crew members like lighting or sound technicians miss important cues, even stars fail to shine."

In a similar fashion, an unsophisticated, short-sighted CX approach can result in efforts that treat the symptoms but don't cure the disease, fail to meet business objectives, and ignore the impact of partners and the operating environments.

The Forrester report highlights the components that make up healthy CX ecosystems, as well as activities to improve both CX and business value.

projekt202 VP of CX Jeremy Johnson

projekt202 VP of CX
Jeremy Johnson

"In today's marketplace, the way that companies succeed and thrive is by delivering superior customer experiences, ones that outshine their competitors," said projekt202 Vice President of Customer Experience Jeremy Johnson. "CEOs and business leaders have to ask themselves, 'What value are we really delivering to our customers?' If you're failing to connect and deliver that outstanding experience, your customers are going to look elsewhere. Failed CX is simply money you're putting in your competitors' pockets."

For information on accessing the complete report, visit the Forrester website.

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