Creating a Design System with Sketch

projekt202 Sr. UX Designer Anne Grundhoefer

projekt202 Sr. UX Designer
Anne Grundhoefer

projekt202 Senior UX Designer Anne Grundhoefer is sharing her expertise through a new online user-centered design course.

In "Creating a Design System with Sketch," now available online via, Anne teaches how to create a design system in Sketch, the leading tool for UX and web design.

Design systems provide software designers and developers with a library of proven, reusable design patterns. They enhance team collaboration and bring consistency to the user experience.

"Ensuring that software is consistent and easy to maintain are two of the biggest challenges faced by larger organizations. Companies often have multiple teams working in silos at different levels of maturity, which can lead to wasted time and an inconsistent user experience," Anne said. "Fortunately, design systems can solve those problems."

In this course, Anne provides insight into the process, design and tools used to create a design system. She builds in nested symbol-level management, color overrides and font styles, reusable icons, and interactive button and form field systems. She also helps viewers identify the components needed by their organizations by breaking down the existing product line.

“Design systems are containers for institutional knowledge. They provide tested and proven solutions to design problems. When these solutions are held together by a consistent visual language and UX guidelines, they represent what good design looks like for the organization or platform.”
— projekt202 Sr. UX Designer Anne Grundhoefer

Participants also will be able to prioritize and create their own efficient set of patterns. The benefits of this system include savings in time and money, and improvements to the user experience.

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