10 Tips for Making Your LinkedIn Profile a Stand-Out Success

By Jenny Szakonyi
Senior Recruiter, projekt202

Your LinkedIn profile can really help drive traffic to your business and career interests.

I personally have the goal to improve my profile this year, so I wanted to share 10 tips that I believe can make your LinkedIn profile stand out above the rest.

1. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

2. Select a photo that best represents you professionally.

3. The headline at the top of your profile is a great way to show the value you add and your passion in one quick line.

4. Write a well-thought-out summary. Your summary should be your “elevator pitch.” In other words, it should both tell people what they can expect from you and describe what you do, for those who are unfamiliar with your job.

5. Be sure to always highlight your strengths in your summary.

6. Use photos, videos, presentations and other rich media to make your story jump off the page. This is also a great way to showcase your work.

7. Share relevant articles, blogs and stories from your co-workers with your LinkedIn network.

8. Under your professional experience, use short, concise sentences to describe your major wins or projects for each position. Describe the value you brought to your team. LinkedIn is not a resume, so it shouldn’t read like one. Use a few sentences to highlight your successes.

9. Send out weekly personalized messages or quotes to your network. This is a great way to reveal even more depth about who YOU are.

10. Most of all, let your PASSION for what you do come through in your profile. Get creative and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

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